Good gray 

That next day I stopped coloring my Rogue-like gray streak in my hair (I sometimes like to think I’m actually an X-person).

It didn’t fight back, as it’s been ignoring the color I’ve put on it since college. And, frankly, I was tired of only being able to part my hair a specific way to avoid displaying it.

Initially I was nervous, and dreaded the first mention of it. I don’t know what I expected, but the scenarios that played out in my head were negative.

The opposite happened. In fact, I was stopped by a total stranger who asked where I got my streak done.

“It’s actually natural,” I said. She looked at me with no judgment and smiled. “That’s awesome,” the woman said. “Never color over that again.”

Not that I put my stylistic choices in the hands of strangers, but it was an excellent boost to a once-shaky decision.

It reminded me of the depth of natural beauty, and how our culture frequently tries to mold everyone into ’bots that look as if they’ve just been pried from a mold.

Along with the liberation comes some maintenance, however. If you’ve been coloring your hair regularly, then it’s likely your style regimen reflects that.

Kick the chemical-friendly shampoo and conditioner and go vegan with Daddy-O or Marilyn Hair Treatment from Lush in Penn Square Mall (1901 Northwest Expressway; 840-7861). These two work together to nourish that natural gray or blonde by adding in shine and reducing any brassiness. Not to mention, they smell amazing.

If you don’t have gray or blonde hair, but you still want to eliminate any unnecessary chemicals and switch to natural or organic products, Akin’s Natural Foods (2924 N.W. 63rd; 843-3033) and Whole Foods Market (6001 N. Western; 879-3500) has you covered with a sprawling selection of products. Try the line from Aubrey Organics, with lots of choices from hydrating to clarifying, depending on your hair needs and fragrance preferences.

Natural beauty is, well, beautiful.

And nourishing it with gentle and environmentally friendly products is twice as nice. For an array of choices like body scents, bath time and home fragrances, check out Essentials OKC (9225 N. Penn; 842-6401). Among the selection is the Barr-Co. line, made with milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetivert, which is an oil-based calming agent.

Go green or go gray. Either way, embrace the beauty you were born with. Let’s shop, OKC!

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