Grab-and-go restaurant makes healthy eating easy in Nichols Hills 

click to enlarge Chef Beth Ann Lyon  with fresh lettuce and more at Provision Kitchen in Nichols Hills Plaza, 10-1-15. - MARK HANCOCK
  • Mark Hancock
  • Chef Beth Ann Lyon with fresh lettuce and more at Provision Kitchen in Nichols Hills Plaza, 10-1-15.

It’s not that Whitney McClendon doesn’t want people to think about what they’re eating, but she doesn’t want them to have to worry about it.

That’s the thought behind the new Nichols Hills eatery Provision Kitchen, 6443 Avondale Drive, which opened earlier this week. McClendon is a biologist and a chemist and has a master’s degree in public health, which she previously put to use at MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Texas Cancer Research Biobank.

She knows a bit about health.

Provision executive chef Beth Ann Lyon is a graduate of The Coach House apprenticeship program, and her culinary history includes Republic Gastropub, Kitchen No. 324 and, most recently, The Mule and Anchor Down.

You might say she knows a bit about food.

Together, they’ve created a grab-and-go restaurant focused on dishes that taste so good you won’t even realize they’re healthy.

“There’s a standard for everything that comes in our doors,” McClendon said. “I’ve done everything I can to make it effortless for customers. Everything is optimized for health, so you don’t have to think about it.”

For anybody who does want to think about it, above the salad station are a number of boards that show which ingredients are from which growers and farms. Plenty of them will be coming from McClendon’s certified organic farm on Wilshire Boulevard, just west of Interstate 35, where they raise vegetables and herbs along with chickens and pigs.

Lyon said she cried the first time she saw the farm because they were living an organic lifestyle, not just talking about it.

“It’s a magical place,” she said.

They hope to bring that feeling to diners, as well. From a selection of fresh-made salads to a bevy of minimally processed, nutrient-dense and gluten-free meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, their goal is to create a dining experience that makes eating right easy.

Not everything on the menu is organic, McClendon said, but it is when it matters. The eatery specifically side steps the Dirty Dozen list of high-pesticide foods compiled by Environmental Working Group, an American environmental advocacy organization.

Provision Kitchen’s aluminum packaging is tri-ovenable, meaning it is safe for conventional, toaster and microwave ovens.

“It also just reheats better,” she said.

Dishes come in two sizes. Complete family meals also are available. For those on the run, there’s curbside pick-up. For those who can stay, they have tables and microwaves to heat up entrees in-house.

“Basically, our goal is the freshest food every day,” McClendon said.

It’s not diet food, though she said it works well with a number of diets. Provision focuses on balanced meals at the right time of day. A lunch with healthy, complex carbohydrates will keep hunger at bay. Dinner is more protein- and vegetable-oriented. And with Lyon in the kitchen, the food also is delicious-oriented because Provision’s vision is a restaurant where you’re thinking about eating the food, not worrying if you should.


Print headline: ‘Magical place’, A grab-and-go restaurant in Nichols Hills makes healthy eating easy.

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