Grimm Love 

Made in 2006, "Grimm Love" finally sees release under the "Fangoria FrightFest" banner. It's not horror, but let's not nitpick, since the film is surprisingly smart and arty.

Buried under layers of mascara, "Felicity" herself, Keri Russell, is college student Katie, studying in Germany so she can work on her thesis about the crimes of Oliver Hartwin (based on the real-life Armin Meiwes). In 2001, wishing to be a cannibal, he sought out a willing victim on the Internet ... and actually found one. As Katie visits the scenes of Oliver's upbringing and eventual crime, we see his story play out.

It's almost as if Russell is in it just to get a recognizable face on the box, and that may be the case. I'm glad to see her get the work, but she's essentially a framing device that has nothing to do with anything. The story of Oliver (Thomas Krestchmann) and victim Simon Grombeck (Thomas Huber) is what's so compelling, and takes up most of the running time.

Simon is a homosexual man in a healthy relationship, but has long been so ashamed of his sexuality that he wishes to have his member severed. Therefore, he's ready to become Oliver's meal, after a heavy cocktail of cough syrup and vodka. This being an actual story, the men go through with their deal, but the gory details are mostly suggested, rather than shown. Sadly, some viewers will be more grossed-out at the sight of two men kissing than they ever would at the sight at one man eating another.

Not as "Grimm" as it's made out to be, Martin Weisz's ("The Hills Have Eyes 2") film is sharp, stark and even suspenseful. If you've got the stomach for it, dig in. "?Rod Lott

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