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At this point, we’ve all learned never to open an @waynecoyne-issued Twitpic while at work, or in the presence of children and/or the particularly religious. Living with the possibility of accidentally glimpsing a 51-year-old man’s nether regions has been accepted as part of the local flavor.

Coyne’s disregard for modesty and need for attention got the best of him on June 1, when the Lips released a video from their recent collaboration album featuring a nude-but-covered-up Erykah Badu writhing in a bathtub, and an extremely nude, covered-in-goo Nayrok Badu, Erykah’s younger sister.

The video for their cover of “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” conclusively answers the heretofore nonexistent question, “Do you realize what Nayrok Badu’s lady parts look like covered in bodily fluids and glitter?” The Lips later issued an apology for the “unedited and unapproved”

version of the video posted across the Internet. However, the elder Badu published a diatribe against Coyne six days later, accusing the Lips camp of sending “a convoluted message that passes as art (to some).”

While Chicken-Fried News has no comment on whether or not the unedited vid — still available for viewing on several sites you don’t want to appear in your browser history — qualifies as art, we can report that Badu accused the Lips of posting it without her consent just for shocks, writing (errors hers), “U disrespected me by releasing pics and rough vid on the internet without my approval. (Contract breech).”

Coyne fired back while everybody was watching the Thunder June 6 by retweeting links to the video and several tweets directed straight at Badu, who goes by @fatbellybella. Among them: “here’s @fatbellybella and me. You can’t see but I’m actually holding a gun to her head making her look at the camera.”

The social-media war spread to CNN and Time, so if Coyne’s goal was to stir up as much fuss as possible, well, mission accomplished.

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