Hold the eggs 

So here's a new one coming out of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. House Bill 3077 would make it illegal for a woman to sell her eggs " yes, those eggs.

The bill, authored by Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, D-Oklahoma City, easily passed last week in the House. It now goes to the Senate.

"We are endangering our young women's lives," Hamilton said, according to a report from The Associated Press. "These girls are being injured. They are dying."

Dying, really? Dr. Karl Hansen with OU Physicians Reproductive Health said risks are minimal, according to The AP, and at most could entail an infection at the surgical site or bleeding. No! The horror!

But it's not just the extreme danger that has Hamilton concerned. She also called the practice of harvesting eggs from women for cash similar to prostitution, adding that it includes "prodding."
Prodding, you say?

The process of harvesting eggs is virtually the same no matter if a woman is selling them or going through fertility treatments, but Hamilton sees the difference in the way the money goes " from patient to doctor or doctor to patient. She doesn't have a problem with women donating their eggs, however.

But Dr. Eli Reshef, medical director of the fertility clinic at Integris Health Center, said the bill is a bad idea.

"That bill is nothing short of ignorant and asinine," he reportedly said. "If it passes, women will be denied an essential service.

"The danger is less than driving a car on the highway."

The House that passed HB 3077 rejected an amendment by Rep. Ryan Kiesel, D-Seminole, that would also ban men from selling sperm. (CFN recommends listening to Monty Python's "Every Sperm Is Sacred" instead of the debate.)

Cassi Peters, president of Young Democrats of Oklahoma, had something to say about that.

"Apparently, Oklahoma House Republicans feel they can trust men with their reproductive choices and rights, but when it comes to women, we are apparently not smart enough and cannot be trusted with our own health," Peters wrote in a release to fellow Young Dems. "This is not a prolife or pro-choice issue; this is an equal rights issue."

Looks like somebody's trying to think for themselves. Maybe the Oklahoma House can fix that.

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