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One doesn’t need Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to enjoy delicious tacos, burritos or nachos, but we can’t say it doesn’t help.

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One doesn’t need Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to enjoy delicious tacos, burritos or nachos, but we can’t say it doesn’t help. So if you’re looking for a great place to grab a tasty cocktail and enjoy some flavorful fare, here are seven spots in Oklahoma City to find amazing Mexican food.

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  • Oso on Paseo

OSO on Paseo

405-309-8226 • 603 NW 28th St.

This upscale taco shop specializes in unique tacos and tropical cocktails. Start with their tater tots, loaded up with red chili butter, goat cheese, cheddar-jack, bacon, avocado creme and a sunnyside-up egg. For a unique and mind-blowingly delicious taco you won’t find anywhere else, try the brisket burnt ends, tender and marinated in Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, radish, pepitas and finished with a fried pickle.

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  • Mexican Radio

Mexican Radio

405-900-5608 • 1734 NW 16th St.

The taco variations here lean towards sophisticated with creative combinations such as the grilled jerk pork to the ahi tuna tartare. Every dish on their menu offers a unique flavor profile, including their vegetarian options. Try the crispy buffalo cauliflower taco, flash-fried cauliflower seasoned with a housemade hot sauce, with fresh spinach, celery pico and blue cheese crema in a corn tortilla.

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1492 New World Latin Cuisine

405-236-1492 • 1207 N Walker Ave.

This self-described kitchen of “New World Latin Cuisine'' might sound unusual, but it’s full of bold, enticing flavors. If you’re craving something other than tacos, their ceviche is some of the best in the city, and they offer two different renditions of the fresh dish. Whether you choose the ahi tuna or the Moroccan pollock, both versions are packed with flavor with huge chunks of fish accompanied by freshly-made tortilla chips.

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  • Taqueria El Camino

Taqueria El Camino

405-920-6503 • 23 W 1st St. Suite 120, Edmond

While all of the dishes on the Taqueria El Camino menu are worth sampling, the brisket barbacoa burrito is a standout with its savory meat combined with street corn, fresh cilantro, onions and jalapeño. Their version of elote, the classic Mexican street-style corn on the cob, is charred on the grill then slathered in a creamy chili sauce and topped with Cotija cheese.

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  • Azteca

Azteca Mexican Grill

405-942-0260 • 4024 N. May Ave.

Azteca endures to offer its guests a traditional Mexican experience with cuisine made fresh daily with top-quality ingredients, and it shows. No matter which flavor you choose in their street tacos, each one is packed to the brim with perfectly seasoned meats and cooked to perfection. The carne asada tacos are a personal favorite, especially when paired with their red salsa, which adds just the right amount of heat. Their mole is also unrivaled.

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  • Barrios

Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes

405-702-6922 • 1000 N Hudson Ave.

For a creative twist on Mexican cuisine, Barrios is the place. The trendy atmosphere complements the curated menu which offers expertly-crafted dishes such as their braised short rib enchilada. Start with chips and the famous smashed guacamole, then enjoy some mouthwatering beef skirt adobo fajitas served with grilled onions and poblanos, queso cotija, Mexican crema and kale slaw complete with handmade flour tortillas.

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  • El Mariachi's

El Mariachi’s Bar and Grill

405-693-9957 • 2831 NE 23rd St Suite D.

Here you’ll find authentic Mexican flavors at affordable prices. The menu is filled with classic favorites like chile rellenos, enchiladas, tacos and tamales. In addition, the seafood section of the menu features noteworthy specialty dishes like the camarones a la diabla (“devils shrimp”) and the caldo siete mares (“soup of the seven seas”). While you may be tempted to skip the quesadilla tradicional, stuffed with cheese and rich papas con chorizo, it’s not recommended.

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