How Manilow can you go? 

Stephen, really? This is what you call “comprehensive”? You can’t skip songs and call it a “track-by-track exploration.” (Strike one.)

You can’t quote lyrics and call it a “track-by-track exploration.” (Strike two.) You can’t reference/compare Neil Diamond and Billy Joel to Barry Manilow, and expect anyone to take you seriously. To be clear: That’s like comparing oil and water. They are completely different, they don’t mix, and should not be compared/ referenced because they are nothing alike.

Besides which it makes your references smack of desperation. (Strike three). It’s apparent your intent was to dislike this album no matter what, and it is also clear that you failed to complete your “track-by-track exploration” of this album because you didn’t really “listen” to it. Therefore, it negates any credibility you think you hold with your “comprehensive overview.”

If you can’t be bothered to listen, why would anyone take what you say with anything but a pinch of salt? If you had done your job and been objective (and actually listened), you would have noted the subliminal messages that are peppered in this album and transferred purely with musical inflection (genius!). And you would have caught those links, connections and unsung messages that string this album together so seamlessly, track by track.

This is the lamest “track-by-track exploration” of an album I’ve ever read. I’m surprised your editor even allowed this to go to print as it’s utterly useless. I’d advise you don’t give up your day job. If this were your day job and I were your editor, I’d fire your ass if you presented this to me as a “comprehensive overview,” because that’s a straight-up lie.

—Lana Hughes
Liverpool, England

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