In Your Eye Studio & Gallery displays travel-inspired exhibit 

Annalisa Campbell is not a typical artist. She doesn't have mounds of painful memories or a rough life to inspire her artistic flair. Instead, she focuses on her travels and her love of life to create her work, and the In Your Eye Studio & Gallery, 3005-A Paseo, is showcasing her as a featured artist in a new exhibit.

"Chance Encounters," Campbell's first "featured artist" show at the gallery, is a combination of art inspired by two years of traveling. Her unique style involves molding a digital photograph into mixed media, creating an entirely new image. She focuses on ordinary people living their lives, even if it's a snapped picture of someone in the street who looked her direction.

"I like to express my interest in life and joy in others, and encountering others in my work," she said.

Over the last several years, Campbell has devoted her time to traveling, with her most recent plane trip landing in Chicago. She has also visited Ireland, Belgium and France. She said she continues to discover delight from the world on her travels, but she will always hold on to her Oklahoma roots.

Her unique process begins by taking a portion of a digital photo and manipulating it, placing the image into a new surrounding. She combines the photo with an encaustic wax, giving the final product a translucent finish.

"I underpaint so you get a sense of how I responded to that encounter," Campbell said. "Each piece I do is a unique story, a unique experience."

She said she's only seen one other artist use a similar method. But as much as she loves art, it isn't enough to keep her satisfied. As president of the Oklahoma Art Guild, she also hopes to help others fall in love with art, too.

"Chance Encounters" is on display through Saturday. In Your Eye Studio & Gallery is open from noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. For more information, call 525-2161.

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