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You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On the total mileage of the MAPS 3 trails addition:
""Pssh, all the funds (and attention) are going towards the very unnecessary new convention center. ... they certainly have enough tax money to begin working on the new convention center, which was the MOST EXPENSIVE part of the program." "Anna Jacoby

""Yep.. everyone that voted YES on maps were just blinded sheeple... couldnt pull the wool up if ya tried. they like being blinded. life is easier that way."
"Kandi Anderson

""As much as I hate to admit it, the convention center will create revenue and tax dollars once it's complete, so it kind of makes sense to start there."
"Keli Cain

""I, for one, am glad the short-sightedness of investing IN Oklahoma is seemingly going away. Oklahomans sure hate paying for anything. When the money comes in & the revenue is pouring in I wonder what Oklahomans will whine about next. Maybe we should have just left Bricktown the broken down abandon crack head mecca it was."
"Jen Tucker

On the planned $85 million downtown boulevard:
""They have done make-over after make-over downtown and neglected the rest of the city for their own interests not the citizens who don't attend sports activities and hate them w/ a passion. Look at how they treat the theatre down there - like an ugly step child. Yet, OKC needs more culture other than sports."
"Johnie Beth Matthews

""Maybe we should spend that money on the rest of the city and not just always focus on downtown. A decent public transit system for instance or fixing city streets or providing sidewalks and bike paths. In other words stuff that really matters ... "         "Chad Mock

On planOKC seeking citizens for planning groups:
""Public transportation is nice but don't increase my taxes for something I don't use. Cut some wasteful spending to fund it. Better yet, fix some roads first." "Graham Gallamore

""bike lanes!" "William Ries

""Also we need more sidewalks/walking trails." "Pamela Schlegel

On the Ford Center's naming rights being up for sale:
""Whoever ends up naming it, they should take out the "Center" and change it to "Thunderdome". Two Teams enter, one team leaves!" "Marcus Kesler

On Bob Barry Sr.'s retirement from play-by-play announcing:
""OU football just won't sound the same. :( " "Sarah Bradshaw Lewis
""Rick Richardson on the tackle, uh, I mean Roy Richardson, er... Roy Williams! That will make it second and seven for Baylor, uh, I mean Kansas... State, Kansas State!" "Josh Jefferson

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