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You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On the Republican gubernatorial nomination battle between Randy Brogdon and Mary Fallin:
""choose the worse of two ideologues. hooray." "Bill Ries
""BRAD HENRY" "Megan Tollison
""I stopped reading when I saw Glen Beck endorsed Brogdon. Danger Will Robinson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Kelly Rossander Harder
""I really do not understand how Mary Fallin can talk about supporting my personal family values." "Marrisa Pinnick Lott

On Oklahoma for Christ's claim that "the homosexual lobby" has drafted Brittany Novotny to run against Sally Kern:
""It is truly sad that Kern uses Christ's name to justify her hatred filled diatribes." "Robin Wagner
""Fighting HATE with More HATE really won't help or fix the situation." "Tory Stinnett
""I wonder why all these so-called Christians always have to go back to the King James (mis)translation of the Old Testament to find material to support their anti-homosexual agenda?" "Roger Barton
""Too bad that so many 'Christians' today are Pharisees/anti-Christians instead of true Christians who follow the words of Christ ... those pesky red-font words about loving and accepting your fellow human beings in the New Testament." "William James Andrews

On ESPN ranking the Thunder fifth in the NBA for fan satisfaction:
""I'm pretty damn satisfied considering it was only our 2nd season this year." "David Broyles
""I am hugely impressed with number 5 on this one as well." "Robin Oh-Bama

On a disturbing picture we posted of the clown Ponk Vonsydow:
""shoot it! shoot it! SHOOT IT!" "Brent Bloom

On a giveaway for movie tickets to see "Step Up 3D":
""Seriously? Step Up 3D?? There are people starving to death in this country, people dying in this country because they're too poor for medical insurance and proper treatment, and money is being spent making BS like Step Up 3D?? Complete travesty." "Erin 'Wall' Deal
""Movies are for escape. Escape from things like the real world. "¦ The only thing better than a muscular female dancer in shorts is one that is also in 3D!!" "Kelly Taylor

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