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You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On poll results showing Oklahomans' distrust of mainstream media, with exception of Fox News:
"figures.i'm so sick of hearing dumb white trash going on about the 'liberal media tellin' me how to live mah life!' guess what, you yokel, FOX news is the worst. pull your heads out of glenn beck's fat ass ... i'm not saying MSNBC is great or anything, all i'm saying is at least they don't have a closet racist cry baby riling up a bunch of stupid assholes with scare tactics." "Erika Salinas

"I have found that many times people who say Fox News is just right wing nutjobs spewing hate have never sat down and watched it for more than five minutes, if at all. Granted, people like Beck and Hannity are ideologues and not journalists, but the news reporting is no more biased than any other network." "Brad Duren

"This is why I get my news from NPR and my insight from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. All the rest is noise and car ads." "Brian Winkeler

"Fox 'News' is nothing more than political promotional television attempting to present itself as 'News'. They promote hate, half-truths, fear, and speculation for the sole purpose of ratings. Their owner is known, not for unbiased investigative journalism, but for trash and exploitation. ... The problem is they are so good at tapping into the fears of Americans- whether those fears are economic, political,religious or whatever. Scared for this nation's future ... so many Oklahoma's are following Fox's Pide Piper down the road of increased ignorance and indifference." "Jeannie White Pappas

"Sticking with my PBS!" "Marcy Marce

"'But Oklahoma is a great place to raise a family!' we did fall again when it came to education? oh yeah, the bottom of the list. Nobody gives a shit about anybody, they just want to look like they do."
"Riff Randall

On the Toy & Action Figure Museum not moving from Pauls Valley to Bricktown:
"They want people to have SOME reason to come to Paul's Valley, aside from road trip pit stops." "Erin Deal

"I like anyone who stands up to pressure from Bricktown :)" "Amy Lynn Hunt

"Their musuem is not that far from OKC, get in the car people and see the sights of your state....Paul's Valley is adorable in its own charm, you just have to find it." "Lauren Ella Kate

"Mainstreaming a unique cultural venue by moving it to Bricktown is sort of a Branson mentality. Some venues just don't thrive in that kind of paradigm." "Ray Wyssmann

On a new law regarding high school athletes suffering concussions:
"I know there have always been football injuries, but they sure seem to be getting more common and serious. Are the high school and college games getting rougher, or are the players just getting bigger and heavier? How bad does it have to get before we start downplaying football in favor of other sports, at least for high school (and younger) athletes?" "Roger Barton

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