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You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On the anti-gay and anti-Muslim letter to the editor from J. Smith of Oklahoma:
""Kudos to the Gazette for printing the letter from the bigot who renamed the paper 'The Gayzette.' You've got to let these clowns show everyone exactly what they are." "John Parker
""I believe it was a good call to print that letter. I was completely outraged by the author, but I was happy that the Gazette had the balls to print it and show diversity from their readership." "Miranda Liming

On the 11 men vying for Mary Fallin's Congressional seat:
""Well don't call the highway patrol to break up the fight." "LaDonna Sharp

On alternatives to the MAPS 3 streetcar:
""Not enough people want to ride these things to make it pay for itself. More 'free money' from the government is required to make it go. Haven't we seen the end of the line on government subsidies of stupid things. Shouldn't we stop it throwing money away to please some East Coast vision of what a 'proper city' has for transportation and arts and entertainment." "Howard Manwarren    
""In order to get people to use public transit, there has to be a system in place, and it has to be well-designed and efficient. This costs a lot of money up front but it's proven time and again (and NOT just on the East Coast, thank you very much!!!) to be much more effective than more street widening and more parking garages for more people with more cars at one person per car." "Roger Barton
""Our public transit is a joke (do we have one?)... but it reminds to be seen if they could put together something that Oklahomans would use." "Harold Davis

On Kevin Durant's tweet announcing his Thunder contract extension:
""Only in America can the marginally literate have such overwhelming success." "Ron Black
""Mr. Durant is actually very well-spoken and has wonderful grammar. However, many people in this generation do not " intentionally " spell correctly and use slang and text speak, especially via Twitter." "Stephanie Scott

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