Inhofe: Obama an ‘appeaser’ 

The event, attended by several state and local politicians and business leaders, also touched on uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East.

Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi had yet to be found when Inhofe spoke, but the longtime leader’s reign was all but over, Inhofe said.

“He’s history in terms of where we are,” Inhofe said. “I was hoping today to say, ‘Today we got him; it’s over,’ but we’re not able to do that.”

Inhofe (pictured), who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said his area of expertise is in African countries. Programs such as the International Military Education and Training pro gram, which brings army officers from African countries such as Uganda and Tanzania to the U.S. for training, are valuable assets.

“Once they come here, then they have an allegiance to us forever for the rest of their career,” Inhofe said. “Our State Department used to say we are doing them a favor by bringing them back. Just the contrast, if we don’t do it, the Chinese will do it and we will lose that.”

Inhofe said the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay is necessary because keeping a suspected terrorist in the country where they were captured could lead to the person being released. The only other option would be to try that person in a civilian court in the U.S.

“One of the big fights I’ve
had since 9/11 has been to keep Gitmo open. There’s nothing like it
anywhere else in the world. It’s something we have to have,” Inhofe
said. “They should be tried in a military court, because a military
tribunal takes into consideration what these guys are. They are not
entitled to our constitutional rights. They’re not criminals; they’re

criticized Obama for not sending any more detainees to Guantanamo Bay.
As a result, Inhofe said he introduced legislation — the Guantanamo Bay
Detention Facility Detention Act of 2011 — that, if passed by Congress
and signed by the president, would require captured highvalue enemy
combatants to be sent to the detention facility.

We have an appeaser for the president of the United States.
—Sen. Jim Inhofe

The Obama administration has tried
to stop so-called enhanced interrogation techniques, Inhofe said. Such
techniques, including waterboarding, were employed by the CIA against
some detainees. Waterboarding is widely considered torture, and
following World War II, the U.S. executed Japanese soldiers who had
waterboarded American prisoners of war.

said he believed the information gathered from prisoners at Guantanamo
Bay and through the use of controversial interrogation tactics has
resulted in terror plots being foiled and the killing of Osama bin Laden
earlier this year.

been successful at keeping (Obama) from closing it,” Inhofe said of
Guantanamo Bay. “The second thing he was trying to do is stop the types
of interrogation, some of you I know would disagree with me on this, but
we need to interrogate and get information.”

Cox, legislative counsel for American Civil Liberties Union of
Oklahoma, said her group believes the detention facility should be
closed. The prisoners should be brought to the U.S. and charged with a
crime and tried or sent to countries where they will not be tortured,
she said.

“Being held indefinitely without any charges goes against American values,” Cox said.

also took issue with previous comments by Inhofe over racial profiling
in security cases; she said such actions do not make the country or
community safer.

Inhofe praised the Patriot Act as a valuable tool in stopping terrorism.

information we can get that is going to stop an attack such as we
experienced here in Oklahoma City, then that’s where I think individual
rights leave off, and we need to be on top of that,” Inhofe said. “It’s a
tough thing to call, because I’m the guy who is always for individual
rights and less government involvement.”

also praised the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques,” claiming
those measures and Guantanamo Bay both were critical in killing Osama
bin Laden. Inhofe said the U.S. should emulate Israel in its security,
intelligence-gathering and antiterrorism efforts.

his presentation and when speaking to the media afterward, Inhofe,
called the president “an appeaser.” The label that was often used by
politicians and right-wing pundits in 2008 for Obama after he said he
would have a dialogue with Iran about its nuclear program without
setting preconditions. “We have an appeaser for the president of the
United States,” Inhofe said.

wants to appease our enemies. You don’t get anywhere by appeasing
enemies. I think we need to know who our friends are and be loyal to our

Inhofe said
Obama does not adequately support Israel, and criticized the president
for giving a 2009 speech in Egypt. Inhofe said Obama “slapped Israel in
the face” when he proposed its pre-1967 borders should be the basis for
an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, although those
boundaries have been the same starting point endorsed by previous

“We’ve got to get out of this mentality of appeasement. An appeaser.

Right now, this administration has been appeasing people,” Inhofe said.

order to return to greatness, the country must increase spending on
defense and build partnerships with its allies, Inhofe said.

Inhofe also said he is still working to release the photos taken by U.S. military personnel of bin Laden’s corpse.

his presentation, he also said the Iraq invasion was justified because
Saddam Hussein was a “monster.” Currently, the biggest threats facing
Western Europe and the U.S. are instability in the Korean peninsula and
an Iranian nuclear missile, which he said would be completed probably by

“We don’t know
what they really have; we just know (North Korea) is a country run by a
monster,” Inhofe said. “They want to kill everybody in this room. That’s
the mentality you have to understand. Terrorists want to kill people.
They hate freedom.”

Photo by Mark Hancock

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