Intrigue, deception turn a town against itself in first H2OKC citywide water fight 

Watch your backs, Oklahoma City. If you think someone is crouching in your bushes, you're probably right. If you think someone is stalking around a parking lot, they're likely waiting for you. And if you see someone approaching with a water gun, water balloon or even a glass of water, run!


The H2OKC inaugural citywide water fight will be breaking out across the metro for three weeks, beginning June 29, until one lone competitor remains.

Rather than one brutal water melee in the middle of the afternoon, H2OKC is designed to be a cloak-and-dagger-styled event where registered competitors have only one target at a time.

"When the game starts, everyone will receive a dossier of their target," organizer Rave Meyer said. "They now have to find that target and shoot them with a water gun before getting shot themselves. Once they shoot their target, that target is out of the game, but that person had a dossier. You collect it from them, and that is your next target."

The dossiers consist of a mug shot, name, home address, work address, eye color " basically everything needed for competitors to track their targets down and "eliminate" them. Meyer's son, Mark Meyer, will be competing and already has formulated a strategy.

"You just always have to have your eyes open, to be cautious of everybody, and make sure no one has water around you," Mark Meyer said. "I'll probably have a smaller water gun so I can conceal it easy. It isn't worth walking around with a big, bulky gun just so you can hit them from 30 yards away. You want to just walk up and shoot them in the leg."

Any water-delivery system is OK, Rave Meyer said, so as long as the water is projected and, once it hits the person, clearly marks he or she has been hit. Whether a glass of water or a Super Soaker, it's all the same as long as it gets the person wet.

"There are some safeguards put in," she said. "Work is a place of business, so we don't want anybody getting shot in their place of business. You can get them in the parking lot, at their apartment complex, at the park, while they are grocery shopping. If they are using any kind of electronic device like a phone, a BlackBerry, a laptop, don't hit them until it is put away."

Another catch to the game is a competitor can't just hole up for three weeks until the end.

"You have to shoot somebody in the first 10 days, and every time you make a 'kill,' you need to contact me so I can mark it off the master list and can keep a running record of the game," she said.

If a competitor sees a potential "killer" approaching with water of some kind, he or she is free to defend with water, but it won't eliminate the other person. A competitor can only eliminate who is on their dossier.

Meyer said she is also going to spread out the dossiers as much as possible so a person from one end of the city will have a target on the other side of the city. That way, there is less chance the competitors will know their first victim personally, thereby gaining an unfair advantage.

She got the idea for the game by seeing similar events in other cities. She decided to start the event as a fund-raiser for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Oklahoma.

"Everybody needs an outlet, and water fights are very fun, childish. They expend a lot of energy and make you happy," she said. "It would be a great recovery tool for anybody."

If there is enough participation, Meyer is considering staging multiple water fights throughout the summer. Each game needs at least 25 people to work, and she is offering group rates of $80 for four people. She thinks that Oklahoma is the perfect place for this type of event.

"We have a large depression and bipolar group of people who need a release," she said. "The weather in Oklahoma is perfect because it gets cloudy, so you don't cast shadows while you're sneaking up on people. It's wide and flat, which gives you plenty of room to run and hide."

The game will end when a competitor retrieves his own dossier from his "kill." The victor won't be just rewarded with pride, a sense of accomplishment and dry clothes.

"The winner gets $250," Meyer said. "All for having a water fight." "Charles Martin

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