Jessica Alba brings shark awareness to landlocked Oklahoma 

Continuing in our theme of leading ladies and the men (or beasts of the ocean) they love, let's move on to the inevitable: Jessica Alba. It seems people across America are writing about Jess' recent foray into poster pranks, so we'll jump into the pool, too (here's hoping it's poo-free).

After posted pics of the actress plastering posters of sharks around Oklahoma City (and can we stop for a second and think about that " shark awareness in OKC?), the story was picked up by every single news outlet and blog this side of Saturn.

According to ABC News, reporting that Alba has been involved with green causes before, said the actress now "finds herself in hot water." Har-har-har!

Also in hot water? We're guessing White Mike, the blogger and shark savior who posted the pics in the first place. White Mike posted a message on his Twitter account June 5 that linked folks to the incriminating evidence: "Just came back from OK! Had a blast tagging with a new friend. Check out the pics with Jessica Alba's help here," the post read, according to ABC News.

The guy apparently wanders the country with his shark posters, he calls it "shark sniping" according to ABC News, to raise awareness to the "dwindling state of the Great White Shark population."

Maybe the sharks are dwindling due to killer indigestion from their diet of surfers?

Either way, White quickly took the post down, but it was too late, the shark had bitten.

And, just to add to the fun, the ABC News report quoted someone at TheLostOgle apparently commenting with a nom de plume. Here's an entertaining quote attributed to "Patric Nelson," identified as the blog's founder:

"I've lived here 31 years, and I've yet to see a great white in one of our beautiful lakes or rivers."

And what in tarnation is it with these dadgum nameless bloggers? It's not like news reporters are writing while hiding under the veiled shroud of anonymity. (Oh, except for CFN, of course!)

Our favorite blog report was a June 10 post on the Deceiver. The gossip blog brought up Bucky's favorite movie, "Into the Blue," a 2005 flick starring, who else, Alba in a tiny bikini. Apparently, Alba came face-to-teeth with a shark while filming in the Bahamas and was quoted as recounting after the encounter: "I jabbed him on the nose and he swam off!"

That doesn't sound like someone with warm, fuzzy feelings toward the ocean predator. The Deceiver blogger agreed: "I'm sure that shark just felt that his privacy was being invaded by Ms. Alba, probably similar to the people of Oklahoma City feeling invaded by the awesome shark posters. I also doubt White Mike likes his beloved sharks being punched in the face."

Maybe Alba should have considered Bigfoot awareness posters?

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