Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer / Monte Carlo / Rio 

First, “Judy Moody.” All Judy wanted was to have the best summer ever. She had it all planned out on a chart for her and her friends to do together. Ending up two of her friends had other summer plans and wouldn’t be there for the summer. She begged her mom to let her go with her friends, but she did not give in. Apparently something came up to where her parents had to go to California, and Judy and Stink, her brother, had to stay home. Their Aunt Opal had to come and watch them while their parents were gone.

Judy was a little jealous because she did not think her summer was going to be any fun. For all she knew, she does not even remember anything about her aunt. Judy still tried to do things on her list that were planned but they were no fun with her friend who was a “fun mop.” Turns out her and Stink are now searching for Big Foot! They discover Aunt Opal isn’t so bad after all.

I think this was a fun movie. I absolutely loved it! Judy and Aunt Opal are so creative and Judy dresses with bright colors and crazy patterns.   


Monte Carlo” is about a teenage girl named Grace who lives in a small town and works as a waitress who has been saving up to go to France with her best friend Emma.

Ends up her parents want her to take her sister to tag along; they are never agreeing and totally have different personalities. The friend Emma has a boyfriend who doesn’t really like the idea of his girlfriend going to the city of love.

Grace finds herself pretending to be the rich rude chick that she looks exactly alike and ends up getting herself in a lot of trouble when she finds love being the girl she is not. The sister, Meg, found love in France and love each other very much and have the exact same interests. Emma’s boyfriend cares about Emma so before they left he asked her to marry him and it caused a little fight, so he is searching France to look for her. Everyone finds that they are now happy being with the people that they love and being the person they were before.    

I loved this movie because it was a good message and it was a sweet movie.    I liked the excitement that was going on.                

Rio” is an animated film about a bird that is named Blu that travels miles from where he is to go and meet a girl named Jewel to save their kind. Blu has to go to Rio and meet Jewel who is a strong and a powerful woman, Blu not so much like her. 

The birds get kidnapped and the bird doctor who got Blu and Jewel together and Blu’s owner have to go and search for the birds while the birds are also making their way through Rio trying to break the chain that is attached to their feet and try to make their way back to Blu’s owner. A little boy who got paid for kidnapping the birds because he doesn’t have a home or money helps the humans search for the birds, they finally all reunite and Blu and Jewel started their own family and the doctor and Blu’s owner open a bird center in Rio and accept the little boy as their own.

This movie was so cute, and I loved the birds and the singing and dancing. I loved how the girl was stronger than the boy for once. —Audrey Lott

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