Just about everyone seems to have had enough of Kevin’s shit, including members of his own party. 

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Jerry Bennett

Just about everyone seems to have had enough of Kevin’s shit, including members of his own party.

On May 27, the legislature convened to override Kevin’s veto of a bill that would allow the Department of Public Safety — the agency that oversees the issuance of driver's licenses in the state — to count driving offenses that happened on tribal land.

“Would it be safe to make the assumption his racist and hateful behavior towards the important tribes in this state are getting in the way of good public policy that would protect Oklahomans?” asked Rep. Ryan Martinez, an Edmond Republican who serves as the Vice Chair of the House Appropriations & Budget Committee.

“I would have to agree with that. We need to put our emotions aside and work with the tribes,” Rep. David Hardin, another Republican, responded.

This happened on the floor of the Capitol during official business, mind you. Daaaaaamn.

But that’s not all. A few days later, the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission kicked Governor Potato Head to the curb as well.

“Its members had met on Tuesday and had ‘agreed through consensus to part ways’ with Mr. Stitt, a Republican. The statement did not offer a reason but said that no elected officials or representatives of elected officials had been involved in the decision,” The New York Times reported on June 1.

But there are hints and we’ll give you another one. It starts with “critical” and ends with “theory” and the middle word is something white Republicans are terrified to discuss honestly, especially Kevin, who signed a bill this May prohibiting its discussion in classrooms.

With internal opposition this strong, it gives a glimmer of hope that we won’t have a second term of his Reign of Error.

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