Karate-Robo Zaborgar 

As silly as it is satisfying, the Sushi Typhoon serving is both an update and a spoof of a live-action kiddie series from the 1970s, à la Ultraman, so the approach is both reverent and respectfully raunchy (think The Brady Bunch Movie). It's about the love story between a man named Daimon (Yasuhisa Furuhara) and his transforming robot, Zaborgar (which is infused with his dead twin brother’s DNA), and all the enemies they fight (or attempt to) along the way. One of them is named Diarrhea Robot, so named because of ... well, you'll see.

In true Sushi Typhoon style, it's starts to feel nearly twice as long as seems necessary, which is bound to happen with so many fight scenes running for so long. But this one has an ace up its robotic sleeve: After an hour, it jumps ahead 25 years, when Daimon (now played by Itsuji Itao of Tokyo Gore Police) is unemployed and diabetic. It's like a built-in sequel!

The end credits feature footage from the original TV series, showing how closely writer/director Noboru Iguchi (Mutant Girls Squad) has stuck to the source material, right down to the bulldog robot van. Even funnier than the feature is the Blu-ray’s amazing series of promo shorts — microskits, really, that plop Zaborgar into weird and whacked-out missions that include aiding a ramen delivery man, informing a young woman in low-rise jeans that her panties are showing, participating in a TV quiz show, wrestling in a sumo tournament, and so on.

If only all Sushi Typhoon films were as well-crafted as this, the world would be a better place. —Rod Lott

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