Kids really do deserve better 

Regarding Judy Wesselhoft's "Kids deserve better" letter: The title was correct " it is cruel for kids' different authority figures to undermine each other.

I am both a mainstream biologist with a doctorate and a Christian with a high regard for Scripture. My passion for the past 40 years has been to teach kids that they do not have to choose between intellectual honesty and faith. Thankfully, my own college professors set the academic bar high in both science and religion classes; and they lived in integrity, pursuing truth wherever it led.

The warfare model of relating science and Christian Scripture is unnecessary and harmful to everyone. The strength of science is its built-in process to change and improve if new data or better interpretations of all data appear. If evolution were wrong, eventually a paradigm shift would occur within science.

Is it possible that an attack on evolution may be an attack on the very method that the creator uses? Is it possible that the powerful message of God's role in the lives of men, women and all of nature in Genesis is more meaningful than a science lesson? Could it be that insisting that Genesis is a scientific account may make the rest of Scripture inaccessible to a large number of honest, intelligent people whom God loves?

One helpful source for understanding and reconciliation is the work of Denis O. Lamoureux. He holds doctorates in both theology and biology. He has published two books on these subjects: One is a helpful summary written for laypeople, "I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution." The other book, "Evolutionary Creation," is a rigorous, detailed analysis for anyone wanting a more thorough understanding of the issues.

In regard to scientists in Oklahoma, my colleagues in the Oklahoma Academy of Science are not hostile toward religion and have a statement to that effect on our Web site. Yes, kids deserve better" they deserve to have mentors who respect each other's areas of expertise.

"Sharon Young
Young, who holds a doctorate, is past president of the Oklahoma Academy of Science.

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