Killer Holiday / Murder University 

Killer Holiday is so named because the killer's name is Holiday (ha-ha?) and because for the aggravating eight college students passing for protagonists, it's spring break, dude! So your Overweight Douche, your Frat Douche, your Party Girl, your Smart Girl and so on pile into an RV to get their kicks on Route 66, because if there's one thing all college students love, it's renting an RV.  

Through their own stupidity, they end up at an "abandoned" amusement park called Muerto Ride Land, home to such attractions as the Death Castle, the Bottle Tree Maze and one Melvin "Spider" Holiday, this pic's resident serial killer (played by Michael Copon, 247?). 

As writer and director, Marty Thomas has whipped up a real mess. He can't stop screwing around with the camera, switching shots from normal to slow-motion, black-and-white, tilted and what-have-you — jarring, annoying flourishes that exist for no reason than to show off. 

Says one woman no fewer than three times during the "twist" of the tale, "You're so stupid." I wholeheartedly agree.

Murder University — somehow, against all seemingly possible odds — is doubly awful, and perhaps exponentially more.

Directed by Richard Griffin (whose The Disco Exorcist was more fun and funny than it had a right to be), the flick follows Josh (Jamie Dufault in his feature debut) during his initials days of freshman year at a Massachusetts college where, 20 years prior, members of a masked cult went on a killing spree.

Naturally, the killing spree resumes, and Josh has an inadvertent knack for being at the scene of the crime more than once. As if dealing with an obnoxious roomie weren't enough! 

Beheadings abound, as do really cheap, lower-than-low shots at women who dare be heavier than a stick. Murder U. (get it?) has nothing to recommend, unless you're 13 years old and long to see a wet T-shirt contest and lesbian canoodling. But that's why God created the Internet.  —Rod Lott

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