Lake Texoma fishermen locate missing Hummer Limo 

Every day, thousands upon thousands of times over, a line gets snagged on an underwater obstruction. It's just not every day that the obstruction turns out to be a stretch limo. And a Hummer limo at that.


That's what happened to Bob Faulker at Lake Texoma recently, according to a report by area station KXII. When boating and fishing off Juniper West on Texoma, he and other fishermen kept getting their hooks caught in something.


So, Faulkner, whose boat backed into the object under the water, dropped his anchor near the spot where all the trouble was and pulled up a piece of vinyl top.


"The guy in the boat that was doing the hooking ended up " he was trying to pull it up with his anchor because he backed his boat into it," said Shane Sawyers, a fisherman who witnessed the finding. "And there was a bunch of people that put their boats in this morning. We did, too. And we never did hit it. "¦ And it's just a wonder that we didn't hit it."


Faulkner contacted the Grayson County sheriff's office. When deputies arrived, they reeled in the limo with Faulkner's help, after four tries, according to the story.


Officers with the Pottsboro Police Department said they immediately recognized the vehicle, KXII reported. Well, go figure " it was probably a little different than the other stretch limo Hummers parked around Pottsboro.


"It was stolen from a residence in our city and we're still, as I said, we're still interviewing people, trying to gather the suspects and who we think it might be and put it all together," Pottsboro Police Chief Brett Arterburn said.


As for everybody else " well, it was a big one that didn't get away.


"We was out fishing, and we started to come up and we seen guys trying to hook onto something and found out that there ended up being a Humvee in the water," Sawyers said, according to the report. "We didn't know what it was for a long time " we thought someone's boat sunk."

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