Let there be light 

As a lover of nighttime, I’m not partial to the day rays that people get so crazy over. I’ve no problem with leaving the lights low during dusk. In fact, I’m perfectly content if the lights never come on and night takes over.

Alas, sometimes it’s not functional to run around after sunset without the guidance of illumination. In those cases, the balance of bulbs and shades comes into play.

Finding the right lighting can involve several factors. For example, what’s your style? If the baroque period is something you fancy, an ornate chandelier might be your preference, possibly even a sconce.

At Architectural Antiques and Dead People’s Stuff (1900 Linwood Blvd.; 232-0759), the selection is vast. Some of the light fixtures look as if they were claimed from a European castle, while others must have been captured from the kitchen of a 1960s’ housewife.

From stained glass to iron work, you’ll be able to locate the perfect addition to any room. Some of the fixtures might not work, but it’s easy to get a light kit and rewire to have a fully functioning and unique light that could double as a piece of art.

How much light do you want?

With lamps, a shade is usually involved, and that allows you to adjust the brightness level depending on your preference.

Lillian Strickler (617 N.W. 23rd; 528-4476) has delivered an ample selection of shaded lamps since 1953. Whether you need floor or table lighting, the selection is bountiful.

Once you’ve picked the style, shape and size of your lamp, you can move onto the shade. If you can’t find the perfect fit, splurge on a custom-made lamp. The shop will also repair or restore if you’ve got your heart set on using the lamp Grandma left you.

Lastly, how much do you want to spend? Since getting dark is something that happens on the reg, some light solutions can get rather pricey due to demand.

If you want to keep things interesting and inspired, but not spend a ton of money, consider the vintage findings at Retrokc (1708 N.W. 16th; 922-9981). The best part is this Plaza District shop is that it keeps an active Facebook, so like it to get instant updates when “new” items come in.

From mid-century to 1950s to absolutely quirky, adopting a light fixture is the perfect addition to any household.

You can’t stay in the dark all the time. Let’s shop, OKC!

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