Letters to the Editor: April 26, 2017 


Something’s rotten

Last month, in the midst of all the events within our country and around the world, an event occurred that received little attention. During the March 22 terrorist attack in London, President Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a message to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.

This tweet was sent as the terrorist attack unfolded, before London and British officials knew the extent of the threat to its citizens and visitors.

The content of the tweet was hostile and critical of the mayor, without regard or feeling for the well-being of the citizens and visitors of London, and clearly ignorant about comments the mayor of London had previously made about terrorism and its impact on modern life “in great, global cities.”

As we recently faced another anniversary of the April 19, 1995, domestic terror attack of Oklahoma City and the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, I was reminded of comments that CBS journalist Connie Chung made not long after the bombing, in which she questioned the capacity, knowledge and resolve of first responders and rescuers to take care of the injured and recover the bodies of the men, women and children killed in the attack.

Oklahomans were hurt and angered by her, at best, insensitive and uninformed comments.

Shortly after Ms. Chung’s comments, perhaps our collective thoughts and feelings at such an emotionally charged time were best summarized by a sign that appeared on a single portable toilet in a row of portable toilets at the bombing site: Office of Connie Chung.

Remembering our emotions in reaction to Ms. Chung’s comments and in reading those of Trump’s to the London mayor, I was outraged and ashamed of my country and its leadership for its bullying behavior toward a longtime ally at a most critical time during a terrorist attack.

I could not even begin to imagine what the citizens of Britain must have felt in reading news stories about Trump criticizing the mayor of London.

In Trump’s message, there were no words of support, concern or prayers for our ally or its citizens and the citizens 10 other countries, including one of our fellow citizens, killed or injured in the attack — not one word or sentiment.

For Trump, I believe the apple has not fallen far from the tree. The fruit is bitter, and the tree from which it fell can neither shelter us nor produce a crop that can sustain us in any manner whatsoever.

Larry Gross Norman

What say you?

President Donald Trump’s budget includes $57 billion more for defense, even though the U.S. already spends much more than other countries on defense. Get ready for a new war(s) so Trump’s buddies can collect.

Meanwhile, we endure cuts to Meals on Wheels, PBS, EPA, assistance with heating costs for poor seniors, after-school programs and many of the other programs my family cares about most — plus the economic impact when people working for those programs lose their jobs, their homes and their ability to spend money in their communities.

Trump voters, your thoughts?

Jackie Gaston Yukon

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