Pulitzer Prize winners don’t lie. Fact-check them. 

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Taxing politics

Concerning the discussion on taxes; I’m a little confused by David Boren’s stand on the issue. I thought he was the president of OU. He sounds like he’s still in politics.

He also sounds like the rich and out of touch with the poor, and a Republican. A sales tax increase of one cent is nothing to the rich, but it does put a bigger pinch on the finances of the poor.

Raising sales taxes in not an equitable way to increase revenue.

Patrick Buss The Village

Insulting Christianity

The Oklahoma Gazette (News, Religion, “Dark testimony,” Ben Luschen, June 29) reported another impending insult to Oklahoma Christians, and more directly to Catholics, in the form of a “Black Mass and the Consumption of Mary,” which was scheduled Aug. 15 at Oklahoma City’s Civic Center Music Hall. The satanic Church of Ahriman was responsible for this sacrilegious event.

The Black Mass is a parody of the catholic ritual and involves a desecration of the Eucharist. For the Consumption of Mary, in addition to “sulfur, menstrual blood and the ashes of blasphemed and burned pages of the Quran, will be used to ‘corrupt’ a plaster statue of the Virgin Mary.” One shudders to imagine the nauseating details of this disgusting sacrilege.

The “corrupted” statue of Mary was decapitated, “unleashing a hell mouth, or opening to hell.” The statue was then be smashed and a priestess retrieved a pig’s heart, placed inside the statue and ate it (“consumption” of Mary, to mock the “Assumption” of Mary, i.e., her being taken soul and body to heaven after her death and celebrated).

Christians honor the Virgin Mary as the mother of God. She is not a gate to hell. Through her son Jesus, she is more of a gate to heaven, and we love and honor her as our own mother.

It is difficult to understand how a satanic group can be legally considered a church since it lacks the basic elements that we expect in a church, e.g. high morals, responsibility, loving your neighbor, helping the poor and the sick, etc. Instead, here we have we have an organization full of hatred toward Christians that uses obscene and disgusting “rituals” to insult the sensibilities and morality of society.

Let’s hope that the authorities selected in the upcoming elections will work to reverse this situation and deny church privileges to satanic organizations since their activities have no redeeming value.

That these activities can take place at Civic Center Music Hall is quite troubling, as this venue is supported by our city tax dollars and used for a variety of appropriate civic and artistic events.

It has been suggested that since Oklahoma state law bans blasphemy, this could give city officials legal grounds to deny permission for these types of events. Furthermore, the Oklahoma City municipal code protects against degrading any individual’s religion.

Raoul Carubelli Oklahoma City

Honest Hillary

Dare your newspaper publish the following truth? PolitiFact, the Pulitzer prize-winning fact-checking project, determined that Hillary is actually the most truthful candidate (of either party) in the 2016 election season (Opinion, Letters to the Editor, “Peaceful revolution,” Mark Heaton, June 22, Gazette). And in general, Politifact has determined that Hillary is more honest than most (but not all) politicians they have tracked over the years.

It is so ironic to this writer that making Hillary appear as a gigantic liar is itself such an egregious lie. (Of course, you won’t publish this.)

Pulitzer Prize winners don’t lie. Fact-check them.

Frank Silovsky Oklahoma City

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