Letters to the Editor: Aug. 27, 2014 

Open letter to OKC government

I'm just writing to saying how disturbing it is to see that Jim Brown, your general manager of the Civic Center, is in favor of the Dakhma group holding a black mass satanic ritual at your public facility.

Do you normally allow such perversions and desecrations in Oklahoma City? I have been there numerous times for business and thought it a respectable place. How do the city leaders justify such a tragic infringement on decency?

What other perverted activities will be attracted to your fine city? This man, Jim Brown, who is he that he can't say,"No!" to devil worshippers and so easily adopts an "everybody has a right" stance? How far does that argument go? What other hate groups will you allow to flaunt their hatred and carry out their perversions? Will the Ku Klux Klan or the neo-Nazis be next? Or maybe necrophiliacs or sadomasochists?

Your website sure paints a pretty picture of your fine city. Its too bad its image and reputation will be so despoiled, and all because Jim Brown doesn't have the courage or decency to say, "No!" to a bunch of very sick people.

— Tim O'Neill Pasadena, California

Legalize it!

My 36-year-old son passed away in 2012 due to an accidental of Lortab prescribed for an injury he suffered while employed by Halliburton in Duncan. My 58-year-old wife is classified as opioid dependent, as she was prescribed hydrocodone and morphine for Post-Polio Syndrome. She was addicted for the rest of her life.

I blame Gov. Mary Fallin and the outdated drug laws in Oklahoma.

Every day, another patient becomes addicted to lethal prescription drugs and someone else dies from an accidental overdose. It is difficult to understand why Oklahoma politicians continue to ignore the medical benefits of non-addictive and non-lethal marijuana. The American Medical Association, along with many respected physicians, endorse the use of medical marijuana.

Oklahoma is ranked near the top of prescription drug addiction as well as prescription drug overdoses. Many patients now prescribed Percocet, morphine and Xanax could benefit from using medical marijuana instead.

Marinol is not a safe alternative to marijuana because the dose level cannot be regulated as when a person smokes marijuana. Marinol and prescription drugs cause liver damage and other dangerous side effects. Governor Fallin should legalize all forms of marijuana to persons 21 years of age.

I am 60 years old and have smoked marijuana for most of my life and will continue to smoke marijuana as Oklahoma marijuana laws block my constitutional rights to pursue health and happiness. Fallin is not fit to be the governor of any state in America!

David Dill Oklahoma City

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