Letters to the Editor: Aug. 3, 2016 

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Heal thyself

In response to the commentary on KD syndrome (Opinion, Commentary, “KD syndrome: Can we get over it?” Robin Meyers, July 20, Oklahoma Gazette), very simply, bravo! What is the matter with people that they are more concerned about the professional athlete making millions of dollars than the culture in which they live? Is this culture solely defined by its professional teams?

The worst thing about it, Oklahoma is not the only state in dire straights financially, with the same issues and obsessions.

This is a national problem.

Mary Jo Fleming Oklahoma City

Shook up

Fraction action? Although math has never been my strong suit, I decided to some calculating after noticing how many earthquakes were popping up here in Blanchard, U.S.A., population 8049, size 11.1 square miles.

In the U.S., 41 earthquakes were reported in one day on earthquaketrack.com. Five of those were in Oklahoma, giving us 8 percent of the action. That’s 342 across the U.S. in a week versus 38 in Oklahoma (11 percent), or 1,411 a month in the U.S. and 107 in Oklahoma (8 percent) and 22,209 annually in the U.S. to 2,806 in Oklahoma (13 percent).

Of those 2,806 Oklahoma quakes in a year, 417 were here in Blanchard, giving us a whopping 14 percent of the action. Looking at the bigger picture, Blanchard has 2 percent of the nation’s yearly quakes.

Take that, Calfornia!

Vice-Mayor Michael Scalf has encouraged the citizenry to write to Oklahoma Corporation Commission to express their concern, suspecting the quakes to be related to a recent well in city limits drilled by Newfield Exploration Corporation. So if you want to feel the earth move under your feet, c’mon down!

Janine Sotomayor Blanchard

Paystub, please

The former mayor of Edmond said she had a real heart for public service. I would as well if I were being paid a quarter of a million dollars annually to head the TSET program in a brand-new, just created position.

I would like to know Melissa McLawhorn Houston’s salary as Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor (News, “Public servant,” Laura Eastes, June 29, Gazette). She said she doesn’t believe in “gotcha” regulations, but that’s what OSHA is all about. Most Oklahoma politicians and plutocrats are in it only for their own enrichment.

Most real journalism includes data from the other side.

Thomas L. Furlong Oklahoma City

Jesus saves?

Too bad a Dallas racist probably shot the good, justice-loving cops protecting the black crowd instead of the bully corrupt cops.

America needs to return to the God of love, the Savior of red, brown, yellow, black and white. They are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the unborn and grown-up children of the world.

When President Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots,” I don’t think he had in mind good cops, and I doubt if he would consider racist terrorists as patriots.

Michael Moberly Oklahoma City

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