Letters to the Editor: August 9, 2017 

Dream on

On Aug. 28, 54 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech at the 1963 March on Washington.

This year, on Aug. 26, 27 or 28, I suggest people get together with others, maybe in houses of worship, to listen to King’s historic 17-minute speech, then discuss how far we have come — and not come — in those 54 years.

Nathaniel Batchelder Oklahoma City

Resist not

Is anybody out there listening? I really don’t know who to send this to! The news media is so locked into the crazy dynamics of politics and our cultures that they are not able to hear alternative approaches to the crisis they are reporting on.

I personally am very tired and horrified by the political dynamics, which I believe the media has helped to create. I believe I have an alternative approach that would resolve problems, as opposed to argue about them, but no one will respond. Is anyone out there listening, and does anyone care?

I have drafted and sent eight letters to our state’s wannabe political dictators (congressmen and senators). The letters were titled “Changing the Conversation!” but they have not responded. Yes, they do not care about anyone or any opinions but their own. Unfortunately, they are caught up in a debate about which side is right and how to keep winning their seats, as opposed to finding solutions to the problems our nation finds itself in. They are problems our politicians have created, but because they can’t see beyond their own limited point of view, both parties are caught in the dynamics of who is right, not just one side or the other.

I have a way to resolve these issues if anyone might care to listen.

The first, for your (the news media’s) benefit, is to stop covering the very stupid things your president, the liar-in-chief, is doing. He hates the press, and that video he created showing himself beating up a CNN reporter is most horrible thing I have ever seen. As opposed to responding, just stop covering his antics.

What would happen if no one (the media) showed up to the news conferences he holds? What would he do? He doesn’t say anything anyway, so what is the point, other giving him the much-needed attention he seeks.

Jesus left us a very important teaching on this topic. He said, “Resist not an evil doer!” When we resist evil, or what someone might call bad, we actually feed it more energy and it grows. Focus on the darkness of his behavior and he only acts worse. This applies to all who do darkness (including ISIS), when you name the person or the group acting from the darkness, you give them attention, which is exactly what they want. (Anyone who studied psychology would know this.) Then, all of a sudden, more people start acting the same way.

Yes, I believe he (and the news media for covering the many stupid things he has done) is responsible for the increase in violence in our country.

Don’t give them a name.

Rev. Patrick McAndrew Oklahoma City

Lose control

Many folks marvel at the “Trump stock market” regularly hitting new highs while our unemployment rate steadily declines.

Can this be coincidence? How to explain?

Consider this analogy: As an employer of a large company, imagine giving your supervisors huge raises while concurrently reducing all their large departmental expenses. Outsiders would surely admire the esteem garnered by the supervisors and they, in turn, would naturally be encouraged to hire many more workers.

Transfer those ideas to our national scene. “Esteem” is likened to “stock values” and “reduction in expenses” could be just like “loosening all regulations, especially those pertaining to our environment.”

Now does the “Trump market” make more sense?

Frank Silovsky Oklahoma City

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