Letters to the Editor: Dec. 6, 2017 

‘Unchecked demagoguery’

The White House held an event to honor the service of the Navajo code talkers of World War II. Our very own Representative Tom Cole attended.

Lost in the noise of Mr. Trump’s antics were some remarks given at the ceremony by Peter MacDonald, president of the Navajo Code Talkers Association:

“America, we know, is composed of diverse community. We have different languages, different skills, different talents and different religion. But when our way of life is threatened, like the freedom and liberty that we all cherish, we come together as one. And when we come together as one, we are invincible We cannot be defeated.” Afterward, the president of the United States referred to a sitting U.S. senator with a derisive racial slur in front of Native American elders that he invited into the Oval Office.

Attacks by government officials directed at minority groups and our free press are alarming warning signs; these attacks grow worse every week. Unchecked demagoguery precedes authoritarianism and autocracy. Our way of life is being threatened.

And yet Mr. Cole stands in the Oval Office with President Pocahontas, President Fake News, President Long-Form Birth Certificate, President Many Sides, Comrade Trump.

I suspect that Elder MacDonald’s remarks were directed not at Mr. Trump, but squarely at Mr. Cole. I hope that he heeds them.

Nicholles Brooke

Oklahoma City

Keeping quiet

How can we introduce legislation that would encourage the news media not to say the names or show the pictures of mass murders and very violent crimes that are against masses of people? When you put a name and show the picture of someone who has committed a crime like the one that happened in the church in Texas [Nov. 5], you are given the perpetrator exactly what they wanted: fame for at least one moment in time; they have achieved a name. Now, I realize everyone is searching for a motive, but for someone who is not mentally stable, this is their reason, as crazy as it might seem to someone who is sane. And the shooter in Texas and lunatic in Las Vegas show very clear signs of being manic depressant. All they want is a moment of fame and to prove their point. Just look at all the video games that highlight this type of fame. They win the game and they are champion, at least for a day. These very depressed individuals unfortunately do not realize the difference between the video game and real life. Please, please, please introduce legislation to encourage media to stop showing pictures and naming names of these mass murders. How many times have you heard the name of the person from Texas? It probably [was] aired over 1,000 times in just 24 hours. How many times did you see the face and hear the name of the lunatic in Las Vegas? Please, please, please do something.

Rev. Patrick McAndrew

Oklahoma City

Flag treading

Don’t tread on my flag!

MSgt Daley (Letters, Kenneth L. Daley, “Meaning of the flag,” Nov. 15, Oklahoma Gazette), it is very sad and scary having men like you in our military, who do not feel our flag should be honored and protected. How many have died for what our flag represents? You and the spoiled, kneeling athletes only hold honor for their own selfish values and self-admiration. In time of danger to our nation, you would defect to another flag because your president is a Constitution-loving Republican? I suppose you would better enjoy the miserly “freedoms” of communism, socialism, totalitarianism or maybe even radical theocracy? MSgt Daley, remember when you were in our military and were not free to express your distorted interpretations of the words freedom, opportunity, respect, honor, injustice, etc.? Would you have fought for our safety and honor under President Trump? Your personal failures to obtain the equal opportunities you listed do not nullify the guarantees when applicable. The opportunities are there. We never promised you a rose garden. Myself, a 38-year E-7 USMC/Army retired, my 95-year-old WWII/Korea retired Navy pilot dad, and my four-tour Iraq/Afghanistan disabled son will enjoy our American freedoms and opportunities.

Michael Moberly

Oklahoma City

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