Here’s a classic what-if: Donald Trump won 3,000,000 more popular votes than Hillary Clinton but she won the White House via the Electoral College. 

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Deadly game

Climate scientists and population biologists assert that humanity is on track, because of inaction to reverse global warming, to heat the atmosphere such that, within 200 years or so, human population will be reduced by half — a decline of 3.5 billion people, or more.

Most Republicans claiming there is no connection between global warming and burning fossil fuels say they are “pro-life on abortion because life is precious.” They support production of coal, oil and gas, full speed ahead, dismissing science heeded by 196 nations signing the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Yet they vote to prohibit women’s right to choose because abortion kills. Who will explain this inconsistency to them?

Nathaniel Batchelder Oklahoma City

Forget peaceful resistance?

Here’s a classic what-if: Donald Trump won 3,000,000 more popular votes than Hillary Clinton but she won the White House via the Electoral College.

Might there have been AK-47s in the street? Might the gun factories be working around the clock to meet the demands? The U.S. Constitution would be precisely followed but chaos would likely rule.

Forget peaceful resistance like the Women’s March on Washington.

Rutherford Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George W. Bush and Trump are the only presidents who lost the popular votes but won the electoral college.

They also share or shared the common trait of gross incompetence.

Chances are strong that these four will be ranked by historians among the nation’s 10 worst presidents.

Frank Silovsky Oklahoma City

Single issue

My mother was, for the most part, a single parent, probably one of, if not the best, paralegals, and yes, she got paid about half what she was truly worth. That was 1980.

She’s probably rolling over in her grave reading “The State of Women” (News, “Rising barriers,” Laura Eastes, Dec. 28, Oklahoma Gazette).

It reads like a “Well, what are you doing for me now?” and “Well, we’re struggling, too!” mantra that is really quite disrespectful to the women who came before.

It grudgingly acknowledges that there have been great strides in a very half-hearted way and then proceeds to find and play any stat that might suggest that there really haven’t been — and all for what? Because Hillary won’t be president?

Really?! I’m not a giant fan of “grab ’em by the…” Trump either, but anyone who can be this upset over her loss doesn’t live in reality.

Doug Rixmann Newalla

Electing prejudice

Thank for printing “What Have We Done” (Opinion, Commentary, by Robin Meyers, Nov. 16, Gazette).

The writer says succinctly and eloquently what many of us believe is the profound and frightening truth of the confused, if not reprobate, condition of much of American Christendom.

I do not believe it is going too far to claim that the election of Trump is God’s judgment of the U.S. We have allowed personal preference and prejudice to trump truth and love.

Our judgement is: We get what we have chosen.

Patrick Barker Santa Fe, New Mexico

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