Letters to the Editor: Feb. 18, 2015 


I want to call out an article that was recently written about Chris Kyle. The article stated, and I am recalling from memory, that you are not a hero because you kill people.

Moron. It is not how many people Mr. Kyle killed; its how many American lives he saved and protected. He did his job and saved hundreds, if not thousands, of American lives.

Thank you, Chris Kyle and others like you, for your sacrifice and dedication to our freedom, even the morons who live here. — Rick Scott Piedmont

Big government, big bills

Mr. Hepner’s “Quotable” comment (News, “Briefs,” Ben Felder, Feb. 4, Oklahoma Gazette) reflects the stereotypical fantasy of government “investing.”

People invest, businesses invest but government steals the fruits of one’s labor and distributes those extorted riches to a favored sect. He believes that the panacea for not being prepared for the future is, of course, “investing in infrastructure” and “investing in our children’s future.”

Our current kakistocracy used $1 trillion that we don’t have to “invest in the infrastructure” with negative results. To heap insult onto fiscal injury, our petulant leader later opined that there really weren’t any shovel-ready jobs. Haha. The joke’s on us.

Furthermore, he flagrantly (some say fraudulently) directed billions of our borrowed money to his cronies and their unreliable green schemes. At the same time, for over six years, he steadfastly refused to acknowledge or approve a real shovel-ready jobs energy project, the Keystone Pipeline.

Raising taxes to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the ruling class will do nothing to fix the infrastructure problem. Decades of ample lock-box funds have not accomplished anything. Government doesn’t create or fix anything; it just makes everything worse.

History proves that giving more money to schools does absolutely nothing to improve the education of our children.

If we double our teachers’ salaries today, will that result in a compatible increase in test scores? If we double the school budget today, will that cause in increase in learning? Perhaps a focused, critical look at how our education dollars are being spent, along with the fortitude to excise all no-value costs, will be more beneficial than continuing to throw cash into the fire.

Inasmuch as college and university costs are out of control, the same thinking applies to higher education. What is the cost per classroom hour for a tenured professor? What is the reason for tenure? Why are anarchists, unindicted felons and social misfits acting as and being paid as professors?

In lieu of the red herrings offered Mr. Hepner, I submit real threats to our children’s future: the soon-to-be $26 trillion debt and the deficits of this administration; the dirigisme of the EPA, DOJ and Department of Education; illegal immigration; arbitrary imposition of restraints; forfeiture of our nation’s standing in the world; and the evisceration of our military.

A government big enough to give you all you need is big enough to take away all you have. — Pete Lepo Edmond

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