Letters to the Editor: July 15, 2015 

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Friendly tradition

Thank you for the write-up on the drive-in theater (Life, Film, “Driving home,” Brett Dickerson, July 1, Oklahoma Gazette). It is a tradition that our family goes to the Winchester Drive-In a few times every summer.

We love it. I’ve been meaning to tell Lindy [Shanbour, the owner] that I miss the days of a triple showing and think he should go back to playing a third movie. However, I think it should be a classic such as they have recently showed Jaws. I’d love to see some other older movies!

My only complaint is that the website is not kept up-to-date on what movies are showing. We’re always dropping everything and calling friends to set up an impromptu drive-in party.

— Michael Manning


Lord, Jesus

Regarding Mr. Paul Lehman’s June 17 Gazette letter to the editor, “Color problem”: I am sorry to see an educated professor present such an empty argument against law enforcement in particular and the white race in general.

Lehman has not embraced the American dream but instead continues to spread his bitterness to all who find it easier to complain than to exercise respect, fairness, mercy and love taught by the author of the source book of the founding documents, the Bible, the source book of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. There will always be bigots and racists just like there will always be rich, greedy and unfair capitalists and socialists.

Lehman’s words welcoming people to “come to the aid of the victims, which is exactly what the bigots do not want to see” are words of rebellion.

These are the words preached by activists, preachers and “organizers” like our own President Obama, spoken to bring down the American dream. Our only hope is in the preaching of justice, peace, judgment and mercy of the Bible.

— Michael Moberly


Triple threat

I’d like to thank you for publishing Mark Beutler’s article on Jody Miller and her family (Life, Music, “Family affair,” June 24, Gazette).

It’s wonderful to see Jody, Robin and Montana together as they discuss their new “three generations” show format.

Jody Miller has never gotten the full credit that she deserves, not only for her artistic greatness but also for her pioneering spirit as a working mom who “commuted” from Oklahoma throughout the ’70s and beyond as a Billboard-charting recording artist. I just don’t know of any other artist at that time who wasn’t based in LA, Nashville or NYC who did what she did, all the while keeping her family intact.

Mark Beutler seems to recognize the special quality that this family has, and I truly thank you and the Gazette for featuring this informative piece on one of Oklahoma’s premiere musical families. I really hope Blanchard has some sort of Jody Miller Day when the street sign (as well as a “Welcome to” highway sign in the works) is installed.

Jody’s a humble person when it comes to personal acclaim, but it’s been a long time coming for her to receive a little recognition from her own hometown.

— Jennifer McMullen

Shreveport, Louisiana

Thanks, again

I wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed the feature article on Jody Miller and her family (Life, Music, “Family affair,” June 24, Gazette). I have been a fan of Jody since she started in the 1960s and consider her one of the best female pop/country singers America has ever produced. [Reporter] Mark Beutler did a wonderful job.

— Bob Kramer

Oklahoma City

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