Letters to the Editor: June 22, 2016 

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Peaceful revolution

As a longtime Ted Cruz supporter, I’ve watched with growing frustration and fascination as our presidential race has twisted down an increasingly uncharted, shrill and visceral path.

That said, I genuinely believe we’re in the middle of American families’ final attempt at a peaceful revolution against today’s political elites (both Republicans and Democrats).

After three election cycles (2010, 2012 and 2014) of complete betrayal by Republican politicians against the desperate voters who elected them, I now realize that my family and neighbors essentially view today’s presidential race in the following way:

• Washington, D.C: Home of the “political mafia” that continues to loot, intimidate and silence American families with increasing boldness.

• Hillary Clinton: The next political Godfather in waiting.

• Donald Trump: A brash street thug with lots of money who promises to loot, intimidate and silence the “political mafia” on their own turf.

While I don’t fully trust any of the candidates, for the sake of our families and our country, I sincerely hope our final attempt at a peaceful revolution actually works.

Mark Heaton

Oklahoma City


For about five years during President Bill Clinton’s eight years in office, then Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr pursued damning evidence of alleged felonies committed by either President Clinton and/or his wife, Hillary.

Armed with 100 attorneys and $100 million, Starr probed “Whitewater,” the “mysterious suicide” of Clinton aide Vince Foster, “Travelgate” and the suspicious activities of the Arkansas Rose Law Firm (former employer of Hillary Clinton.)

Starr found absolutely no evidence of Clinton malfeasance in any of these probes.

Until Linda Tripp “tripped” into Starr’s office with a stained dress belonging to Monica Lewinsky, Starr had no damning evidence beyond this so-called “sex scandal.”

Recently, Starr was caught up in the Baylor University football team sex scandal.

For two years, several Baylor football players were accused of sexually abusing more than a few women.

Former university president Starr and former head football coach Art Briles allegedly covered up the scandal in order to protect Baylor’s highly successful football program. Starr was demoted and Briles was fired.

How’s that for irony?

Frank Silovsky

Oklahoma City

Town pride

Forty years ago, my wife and I lived on NW 16th Street near N. Pennsylvania Avenue.

It warms my heart to see the district today.

Cassie Stover, who did the mural of Will Rogers located in the Plaza District (Visual Arts, “In the paint,” Erick Perry, June 8, Oklahoma Gazette), is originally from Claremore.

Bob Henry

Oklahoma City


• Oklahoma Gazette’s June 8 Eat & Drink section story “Nocturnal market” by Greg Elwell contained an error. OKC Night Bazaar organizer Brian Gi is Taiwanese, not Thai.
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