Letters to the Editor: June 24, 2015 

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Family tragedy

On November 18, 2013, our family, piece by piece, began to unravel — first by accident and then by design.

After cooking dinner for our granddaughters, our daughter Miashah Moses changed 18-month old Nylah’s diaper, leaving her and her 4-year-old sister, Noni, in the apartment while she took out the garbage. As she left, Miashah locked the door behind her.

After taking out the trash and briefly talking to a neighbor, Miashah returned to discover the apartment on fire. She was unable to reenter the apartment, even with the help of neighbors.

In the blink of an eye, our baby girls were gone and our hearts were broken.

Miashah was charged with child neglect in the deaths of her nieces. A week later, the district attorney raised the charge to second-degree murder.

While the district attorney is within the limits of the law to charge our daughter in the manner that he did, it being legal doesn’t make it right.

This is a family tragedy, not a crime.

In America, people of color, and African-Americans especially, experience criminal charges and prison sentences far more severe than their white counterparts involved in similar incidents. This fact is no less true in Tulsa County.

In the year that our daughter has been in jail, awaiting trial, more and more evidence has come to light that the owner of the London Square Apartments was and remains aware of the dangerous conditions that helped put into motion the events that our family has endured.

The complex owner has implied that the fires, and future fires, were good for his general contractors’ business, writing in an email to a contractor, “As you had warned me in the past, I am going to have another fire at the London Square apartments. I would hope that you can be a trusted contractor to be considered for future work.”

Since November 2013, we know of least seven more fires at the London Square Apartments.

— Miashah Moses’ family


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