Letters to the Editor: March 11, 2015 

Walk away

I’ve read “City agenda” article (News, Ben Felder, Jan. 28, Oklahoma Gazette).

I understand projects such as the unfinished American Indian Cultural Center and Museum. I know the city wasn’t responsible for the center from the start, other than some parts when the foundation and frames started to go up.

This makes Oklahoma City look incomplete. The center is not the only one that could have added value to the city, but other issues as well. Oklahoma City doesn’t look attractive or “safe” to walk around.

Although I do know that Oklahoma City has made some major improvements as of making Oklahoma City attractive with MAPS 3.

I’ve noticed, and maybe I’m not the only one.

I drive on Meridian Avenue between SW 15th and SW 29th streets. This street has restaurants and hotels, although I’ve noticed people are constantly walking. However, there are no sidewalks. I see people trying to walk to restaurants and hotels.

Will Rogers World Airport is five minutes away as well, from which there is a constant flow of tourists. Now, if I was a tourist and stayed at one those hotels, I know for a fact that I would tell them my experience that there aren’t any sidewalks on Meridian between SW 15th and 29th.

I know these issues can’t be resolved in a short manner. I see a lot of improvements in Oklahoma City, especially downtown. Maybe more action will start improving things quickly as well. — Monica Grove Oklahoma City

Improve it

Misinformed and uninformed Pete Lepo has been watching too much of that fake news station again. You know, the one that is named after an animal that is known for its slyness and which you do not want watching your hen house.

Pete says, “People invest, businesses invest but government steals the fruits of one’s labor and distributes those extorted riches to a favored sect” (Letters to the Editor, Feb. 18, Gazette). Perhaps he has forgotten about the investment this government made in the auto industry. The auto industry made a comeback and brought back thousands of jobs, thanks to both the previous administration and the current one. Sometimes government investment is good.

As far as distributing the fruits of one’s labor, he surely must mean all the wealth distributed to Wall Street, which is making record-breaking profits as regular hardworking Americans are still struggling over the Great Recession brought to us by the previous administration, not the current one.

Also, we have heard enough about this XL Pipeline that supposedly will provide the country with so many jobs. Most of those are temporary, with only a few permanent jobs after a few months. The further damage to our ecosystem is not worth the trouble.

Pete also goes on to say, “Giving more money to schools does absolutely nothing to improve the education of our children.” One thing is certain: If our schools are underfunded so that they cannot afford to buy books and other teaching materials, then our children certainly will not learn anything. — James Fidlerten Oklahoma City

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