Why doesn’t the Legislature take a pay cut during this financial crisis? They are the ones who created it. 

Capitol drone

Gov. Mary Fallin’s state of the state speech said there would be more cuts and suggested increasing the cigarette tax as a solution to our upcoming catastrophe.

This will be too little too late.

She also said she wants a $120 million bond to fix the capitol.

We the people of Oklahoma are sick and tired of hearing about your damn capitol. It was just fine before you and your cronies put that huge dome on top. I mean, it’s got it’s own weather system.

Our houses are crumbling from earthquakes, the inequality of rich and poor is greater than ever, our primary education system needs help, etc., and your focus is the capitol.

Why don’t you all meet in one of the abandoned strip malls on 23rd Street? We don’t care. It’s your fault it’s crumbling from the weight of the dome; it should have been left alone. (I do like the Indian on top!)

— Nancy Roche Edmond


Newton and Lepo are sipping Karl Rove’s kook-ade that smells like gasoline (Commentary, Letters, “Blame Obama,” Andy Newton, and “Surprise, surprise,” Pete Lepo, Jan. 6, Oklahoma Gazette).

Obama didn’t cause the change in governorships; Republican gerrymandering — paid for by the richniks — did.

The recovery was slowed at every turn by manipulations by those same richniks and Repubs who didn’t want a black president to succeed. And any talk of ineptness should focus on the George W. Bush failures, FEMA under Joe Allbaugh, now our interim director of Oklahoma Department of Corrections, who bailed out at the exact right time and left Brownie to take the rap.

Then there is the W. war, costing billions. W. couldn’t find Osama, and remember Iraq’s WMDs? What a joke. If it hadn’t given up the Bush Depression, worse than ’29.

Enron kept going since its execs gave huge contributions and got slow walk or file 13 investigations. We never hear of the deficit until a Democrat raises it a dollar, yet Reagan, Bush Sr. and W. vastly increased it, making our military bigger than the next 10 countries and, like the USSR, nearly bankrupting the USA. Remember the credit rating lowering?

We need to cut the military by a third while giving our warriors big raises and taking care of wounded warriors and 9/11 responders. We remember Reagan, Bush and W., and that is why the Republican base is hugely for Trump and why Bernie Sanders is nearly as popular with his base as President Barack Obama was with his.

— Larry Stem Oklahoma City

Legislative cuts

Why doesn’t the Legislature take a pay cut during this financial crisis? They are the ones who created it.

— Hank Martin Midwest City

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