Letters to the Editor: March 25, 2015 

‘Fat ass’ The reason I feel compelled to write about the SAE incident at OU is not about what was said by these young men or the actions taken by President Boren or the university. It’s about, for lack of a more artful phrase, ignorance. I’ve read several iterations of this argument, and I feel compelled to address it.

“Saying ‘nigga’ does not make anyone a racist, or we’d have to conclude that 98 percent of African-Americans are racists. This is just stupid.”

I’m not going to say who this quote came from, because I’ve heard nearly same argument many times. Stop. It’s ignorant and it’s wrong.

Unless you are African-American, that word does not belong to you. They say it to take its power away from you, the non-African-American.

I know that most people may not understand this, but I’m going to break it down for you so that anybody who wants to un derstand can.

When gay men call each other “bitch” or “queen,” they’re taking the hurtful power of those words away from straight people.

Now, you may ask yourself, “How does Bruce know anything about this? He’s a middle-aged, straight, white male.”

I know because I’m fat. I’m oversimplifying the issue, but it doesn’t change the fact that I use the same mechanisms to cope with the crap I hear and read about fat people. Just because I call myself “fat ass,” doesn’t give you the right to do the same, unless you also are a fat ass.

So, go ahead and fat-shame me if you want; I don’t care. Call my gay friends “fag,” call my black friends “n----r.” But if you do, know that we all recognize that you are homophobic or racist.

— Bruce Good Guthrie

Parental accountability Regarding article “School-to-prison pipeline?” (News, Ben Felder, March 4, Oklahoma Gazette), I read your article with the utmost interest, but I believe you completely miss the point.

Your article casts blame and responsibility upon the system, the superintendent, the schools and the teachers, which I believe is specious. While educational institutions are required to act in loco parentis, they are no substitute for parental guidance.

I have a problem when parents or guardians of minor children do not instill in our youth respect for authority, a thirst for knowledge and sober living.

If these things are not taught at home, how can any rational adult expect the learning institution to reverse the process?

So, Felder, place the blame squarely on the parents. That is where youth learn values that will carry them through the trials and tribulations of life.

— Gerald E. Dwyer Edmond

Corrections • The story “Never forget,” (Life, Performing Arts, Christian Wilson, March 11, Gazette) incorrectly spelled a composer’s name. It’s Paul Schoenfield. • In “Alive and loud” (Life, Music, Christian Wilson, March 18, Gazette), Tamsin Wilson’s band was misidentified; it is Wilsen.

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