How is it that a teacher’s beginning salary is $31,000 when that amount can easily be made by other positions that hold much less value when it comes to forming the minds of our youth? 

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Tax hike

When voters approved the Oklahoma lottery, they did so because the money was to go toward education. When the governor and legislators cut the education budget instead of other budget areas, they effectively use lottery money.

How am I wrong about this?

We count on our lawmakers to be smart enough to plan ahead. The oil and gas industry has always had ups and downs. Previous tax cuts were done with no regard for future needs. And now we are proposing one of the highest sales taxes in the U.S.? Please!

— Ellen Jonsson Norman

Teacher raises

How is it that a teacher’s beginning salary is $31,000 when that amount can easily be made by other positions that hold much less value when it comes to forming the minds of our youth? They are our tomorrow and somehow education is falling by the wayside.

In addressing the issue among state leaders, raises for teachers are among one of the addressed issues.

According to what I read on, it says that the Senate president and the governor have expressed their support for paying teachers more, “but any talk about boosting teacher pay is followed with talk about an expected budget shortfall and limited funds” (News, “Top 10,” Ben Felder, Jan. 28, 2015, Oklahoma Gazette).

As a parent, I have personally experienced the backlash of the budget cuts we are undergoing. I am desperately trying to move my child into a new school (not even a different school district) so that she has a better chance of not being bullied by the children at her particular school.

Every school I have spoken with so far has said they absolutely are not taking any more children because they are at their maximum capacity due to budget cuts. How can our educators continue to educate our youth with minimal support?

— Kylie Edwards Oklahoma City 

Sen. `Stupid'

I’ve never been to Oklahoma, but I’ve seen pictures. It looks like a nice place. I’m sure the state has plenty of smart, thoughtful people living there.

That’s why I have to scratch my head about how you folks keep electing Jim Inhofe your U.S. Senator, a man who bases his denial of climate change on the breathtakingly stupid premise that the activities of man can’t change the climate. Based on that comfortable notion, we could all just spew whatever we want into the air and dump whatever we want in the water, because, after all, nothing we can do will have any ill effect.

That’s almost as stupid as the idea that each person’s vote won’t have any effect on the outcome of an election.

Or that one person can’t make an entire state look foolish.

— W.S. Wilson Wilmington, North Carolina

Land of Oz

I have long classified Republicans’ actions under the title of The Land of Oz Three: No Heart, No Brains and No Courage.

So it was a surprise to see reports in the Gazette about Republican proposals to eliminate some of the over 500 highly paid superintendents and roll back the 0.25 percent tax reduction.

Likely, neither will come to be, but maybe it’s the thought that counts.

Now if we could just get Gov. Mary Fallin to click her diamond-studded, platinum slippers and return to reality about health care funding and such.

— John R. Hill Guthrie

Clarifying culture

I don’t understand what Joe Craven was getting at in his Jan. 27 letter “Clarifying Carson” (Opinion, Letters to the Editor, Gazette) but didn’t know that “our Constitution says that no one shall be denied the office of president because of his religion.”

I’ll have to look that up. I do know that the people have to accept the candidate and if enough people don’t like a candidate’s religion, they will not vote for him.

It is true that no candidate can or should try to promote any kind of theocracy in the name of any god or belief system (including humanist socialism, Sharia or Satanism for you Okie Satanists) that would replace our Judeo-Christian constitutional government. Excuse me; I take that back. You are, as a president or member of one of our governing branches of government or the media, welcome to pervert or just ignore our founders’ unique, fair and just recipe for governing America.

Want to see some interesting history? Read about the theocracies of Israel and Judah in the Bible to see where our brave new world is headed.

— Michael Moberly Oklahoma City

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