Letters to the Editor: May 11, 2016 

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Narcotic surrealities

I congratulate the Gazette’s pot issue on providing so many views supporting every aspect of promoting weed, reefer, grass, skunk, boom, bammy, bobo, ding, jay, roach and my favorite — DOPE. I am so glad my mother scared me away from drugs in the ’60s. I didn’t become a dopehead. Or dead, like some of my friends, including one close one who committed suicide. Oh yes, Mary J could have eased his depression. But wait! What came first, the drug or the depression?

I am glad the Gazette included the three Laura Eastes articles (News, “Critical Care,” “Good medicine” and “Narcotic realities,” April 20, Oklahoma Gazette) and, in particular, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics article in the middle of it all.

But, not being spaced out on weed when I read it, I wasn’t doped into concluding (as are other simple thinkers) “isn’t it smart to live high and spacy, man? We don’t stinking need no dangerous narcotics, man.”

I hate to be (actually, I am proud to be) so egocentric, as one of my “progressive” college professors labeled me, but I suspect that our drug addiction problems came not from emotional and mental problems that we had before alcohol and drug use, but from hangovers and withdrawal depression from experimenting with and depending on alcohol and drugs. All those happy friends of my youth had mental illness and pain. But then I remember my high school days, when, if not for my girlfriend exposing me to Jesus and the love of God and the reason of Scripture and the foolishness of preaching, I guess I could have ended up a dopehead or a “meth mouth” or a “pineapple upside-down cake.”

Road rage, overmedicated drivers beware: When the pot heads get their “medicine,” there will be a lot of slow drivers in your way besides me driving the speed limit! By the grace of God go I.

Michael Moberly Oklahoma City

‘Catastrophic’ cuts

The Oklahoma Standard. That phrase means neighbor helping neighbor, perseverance through adversity, enduring resolve and strength of compassion.

The recent announcement from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority of a 25 percent cut in Medicaid provider rates beginning June 1 will have devastating consequences. It is imperative that we stay true to The Oklahoma Standard by refusing to accept actions that we know will lead to catastrophic results for the most vulnerable citizens of our state. Surely Oklahomans won’t tolerate the neglect of its children, disabled and frail elderly.

Baptist Village Communities (BVC) owns and operates three health centers with almost half of the residents depending upon Medicaid as their partial source of payment. BVC also serves approximately 750 clients in their homes. Most have significant health needs coupled with limited financial resources.

Even as a not-for-profit, BVC relies on a mutual partnership with our state to provide ministry. Without this good faith partnership, it is impossible to provide quality services that our seniors most certainly deserve. An additional 25 percent cut is implausible.

Besides the quality and access to care issues, the economic fallout is sure to follow. There will be loss of jobs, which will greatly impact local municipalities, especially in rural Oklahoma. And this is not just about health centers and nursing homes; it also impacts other health care providers, including hospitals, physicians and pharmacies.

The Oklahoma Standard. We are back to where we started. Are we, as Oklahomans, willing to accept that the least among us be left behind? I think not. It is up to us as individual Oklahomans to speak up and be the voice of the forgotten. Please call, reach out to your state legislators and implore them to stay true to The Oklahoma Standard by refusing to accept the proposed Medicaid provider rate cuts.

Steve Thomas, vice president of operations, Baptist Village Communities Oklahoma City

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