Letters to the Editor: November 4, 2015 

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Open letter

A letter to the government of America:

I am 66 years old and on Social Security and Medicare. I live with my two children because, to be honest with you, I just don’t have the money to get a place of my own.

Anyway, I heard that in 2016, we who are on Social Security will not be getting a cost-of-living raise. I am confused.

In case you have not gone grocery shopping lately, please let me tell you the price of food has gone sky-high and out of control for many on a fixed income.

Many food items like milk, eggs and meat had to be dropped from our food lists because they cost too much. Maybe you need to look into that fact, and then I am sure you will clearly see Social Security needs that raise.

I heard a story that a while back that our government took a huge amount of money from Social Security and spent it elsewhere.

It has been hinted that the reason Social Security is low on funds is because of the money that was taken, or should I say stolen, from the people who really need it to survive.

I am sure this can’t be true; nevertheless, I am sure you want to check into this at once.

After all, if the funds have been stolen, the ones responsible should be in jail and their property and money used to pay back Social Security. I am sure you agree.

One last thing, if you will. I am very concerned about you raising the cost of Medicare.

I must tell you that many of us who are on Medicare could not afford to pay a higher premium.

To be honest, I am very sure I would have to drop it completely. It’s just too costly for me. I am sure you do not want the elderly to suffer without health care, and I am sure you will straighten this out at once.

After all, it was us working for so many years that have kept Social Security going, and now our own children have taken over where we left off.

It is our money right.

OK, I said that was the last thing I had to say.

However, I just heard an ugly rumor that Congress and other government officials are getting a raise. I am sure this can’t be true. After all, how could any caring person take a raise when they know Social Security and said “No way!” to the elderly of our world.

How in the world could our leaders, who, as we know, make more money than anyone on Social Security, accept even a dime more when the older American citizens get nothing?

Yes, this must be an ugly rumor. It could not be true.

— Judy Eichstedt


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