Letters to the Editor: Oct. 1, 2014 

Pigeon hunt

Oklahoma should be ashamed. Senator Inhofe sponsored a fundraiser by inviting people to a pigeon shoot. Up to 1,000 innocent pigeons were maimed and killed. You can see the video on YouTube. I hope this does not represent Oklahoman values.

— Lynn Gallagher

Solon, Ohio

Just too loud

I really enjoy your paper, but I just wanted to respond to what the person who wrote the article in Chicken-Fried News, September edition, about Downtown Airpark (News, “Stop that racket!”, Sept. 17, Oklahoma Gazette). The noise from the music is not always so loud you can’t carry on a conversation outside, but the last concert was that loud. Again, what does one call loud? My thought is she (Rebecca Morales) doesn’t live in this area. Just because they have permits doesn’t give them the right to infringe on others. Just lower the volume some.


— Pat Riley

Oklahoma City

Comedy, please

Another “Best of” for the Gazette is here, and again we praise our favorite bars, clubs, restaurants, museums, musicians and shops. Of course, all of this is worthy of praise for what they bring to the community. However, the Gazette overlooked a whole genre of entertainment that is booming all over the country: stand-up and improv comedy.

Right now, cities as varied as Memphis, Tennessee; Salt Lake City; and Louisville, Kentucky, have growing and thriving comedy scenes so strong they are able to hold their own comedy festivals. In fact, Tulsa just this year held the Blue Whale Comedy Festival, its first one ever. What’s disappointing though is that Oklahoma City comedians had to travel up there to participate because there is nothing like it here. Twice this year, two OKC comedians have won spots in festivals in Dallas and Austin, Texas, through opportunities given by

Othello’s in Norman, which has hosted an open mic and competition for years now with little fanfare and has survived off reputation and word of mouth mostly.

Tulsa is blowing our scene away. Not only do they also have their own Loony Bin but an independent club as well. At least every other night of the week, there is a full show or open mic happening. Comedians from OKC are travelling up there regularly just so they can get the stage time.

Simply put, the OKC comedy scene is not where it should be. It’s not through a lack of effort by the comedians. They run all over town, finding bars and clubs, booking small shows and events on their own, spending money out of their own pockets to create promotional material. It’s lack of media exposure. Once every few months, a student will write an interest article for their journalism class. One of the local magazines or morning shows will have a comedian on occasionally, but still there’s not much interest from the media.

That’s where the Gazette and others can help. List us as part of the regular entertainment like a band or art show. Let people know we’re here. A city this size should have a much more robust comedy scene. All we are missing to make it great is interest from popular media.

— Amanda Kerri


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