Letters to the editor: Sept. 10, 2014 

Obama could halt violence

In reply to the letter featured in your Aug. 20 issue from Michael Hopkins (News, Letters to the editor, “Ignorance isn’t bliss,” Aug. 20, Oklahoma Gazette): Saddam Hussein violated the 1991 Ceasefire Agreement repeatedly throughout the Clinton administration, but that feckless politician did nothing as Iraqi air defense gunners threatened to shoot down our aircraft. That and the knowledge apparent to everyone, save for maybe Michael Hopkins, that Iraq was actively engaged in hiding his chemical weapons; all this alone was sufficient reason to liberate Iraq. It wasn’t until 9/11 and George W. Bush that the United States decided to complete a 1991 ceasefire agreement inasmuch as the left abdicated its responsibilities as a loyal opposition.

I watched as others did as Barack Obama’s “Arab Spring” incredibly meant a sudden uptick of violence in Iraq just after U.S. troops were withdrawn. If we were watching, so was Obama.

The violence we watched and the gathering of forces that the Islamic State group (ISIS) has used to overrun much of Iraq was a moment in which Obama could have used to stop and reverse the threat. Instead, at least one photojournalist is dead, and others likely to be executed, so that we get to watch the “end game,” which means more dead Americans.

— Chris Covert Oklahoma City

Ideology shouldn’t trump our common good

The review of the worst legislative proposals from the recent session (Life, “The Best of the Rest of OKC,” Aug. 27, Gazette) seems proof positive that our political leaders’ penchant for public ideological masturbation has blinded them to reality and reason. As a fourth-generation Okie, I have never had expectations for good governance from the Oklahoma Legislature, but the present crop of Republican leaders seems bound to establish a name for themselves as among the worst examples of the kinds of politicians that George Washington and James Madison warned us against: political partisans who put ideology before the common good and reward their friends with the spoils of office.

— Bob Waldrop Oklahoma City

The ERA can still become law

All women in America, and their allies, can now take action supporting the resurrecting and passing into law the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Two resolutions in the US Senate — SJ Res. 10 and SJ Res. 15 — address ratification of the ERA. They would honor the votes by state legislatures that passed the ERA years ago and would extend the time needed for ratification by more states. Only three more states are needed to ratify the amendment if previous work can be retained.

One woman said, “Just remember 79 cents, 69 cents and 59 cents.” She said a woman in America earns, on average, 79 cents for every dollar a man earns, working in the same field, if she is white. If she is black, she earns 69 cents compared to a man. If she is Hispanic, she earns 59 cents compared to a man.

— Nathaniel Batchelder Oklahoma City

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