Letters to the editor: Sept. 17, 2014 

ISIS doesn’t represent Muslim faith

To suggest the actions of ISIS represent the views of all Muslims is like suggesting Westboro Baptist Church speaks for all Christians or that the KKK represents all white people. It’s simply untrue.

Rep. John Bennett (R-Sallisaw) did more than take the Quran out of context. He completely twisted a passage in order to support his own sick narrative: To stir up fear, hatred and paranoia with the hope of gaining political points.

Earlier this week, I spoke to an Oklahoma Muslim woman who, like so many Muslims, is heartsick over the actions in the Middle East. Understandably, she was also hurt by Bennett’s statements.

“Hate me and my religion if you must,” she said. “But at least have the decency to not lie about my faith, my Quran and what I believe.”

Like other fringe extremists, ISIS has hijacked the name of a religion and tried to convince the rest of the world that it represents that faith. It’s sad — and scary and dangerous — that Bennett has fallen for it. Creating fear, terror and hatred is the extremists’ goal. Thanks to people like Rep. Bennett, they are succeeding.

As long as bigotry and hate exists, The Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice will be there to stand up for those who are discriminated against. We invite other just-minded groups to join us.

— Russ Florence

Oklahoma City

Florence is board chairman of The Oklahoma Center for Community & Justice.


A letter from OKC Energy FC

It’s been just under a year, and who would have thought we’d be sitting here after our inaugural OKC Energy FC season, celebrating playing to over 100 percent capacity and talking about how we can continue that success as we prepare to move to Taft Stadium for the 2015 season? We did!

Playing at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School presented the Energy FC with an opportunity to play in the Oklahoma City metro and gauge interest for professional soccer here. We appreciate the support we’ve received from the McGuinness administration. We are proud to have contributed a new field and 900 additional seats for students and supporters. Next season, Energy FC will play its home games at the renovated OKC landmark Taft Stadium. Originally built for $88,000 in the 1930s as a WPA Project, Taft has served as a dirt track, a concert venue, a football stadium — and futbol stadium — during its storied history. Taft is undergoing a $12 million rebuild and will be ready for the 2015 season. Then there’s the community benefit: For every ticket sold, $2 is donated back to Fields & Futures, which gives needed financial support to the OKC Public Schools athletic department.

Thank you for the support of OKC Energy FC during the team’s first season of play.

 — Tim McLaughlin and Bob Funk Jr. 

Oklahoma City

Tim McLaughlin is principal owner of Oklahoma City Energy Football Club, and Bob Funk Jr. is a team partner.

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