Letters to the Editor: Sept. 21, 2016 

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Stand and deliver?

After listening to Donald Trump’s (DT) boastful attitudes towards foreign relations, wherein other countries will fall to their knees beneath the weight of his own chauvinistic statements and the monstrous military he will build, I wondered if he was familiar with the Wrath of Khan doctrine.

As Star Trek fans know, “’Tis better to rule in hell than serve in heaven” was Khan’s thinking, as it has continued to be throughout the history of much of humankind. If peoples had continually bowed down prostrate before overwhelming power simply because it made sense on paper, we would all still be Romans.

The self-deluding arrogance of DT’s aggressive exaggerations on how other countries will react to his suggestions/orders is a powerful indictment of a national mood, which seems to desire showing the face of the Ugly American and poses great potential national harm.

DT behaves with no more caution, subtlety or reflection than a man getting ready to lead a bayonet charge after promising that the opponents will all stand still and be stabbed. When they chose not to but resist, his shallow pretensions will be revealed to the world as America wallows in the ruins of humiliation.

America is already sick of the whole boasting, bragging, loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed Trump act; we should allow him no closer to power than he is right now. As an Independent, I realize that this requires a bipartisan effort of all Oklahoma’s peoples; if you oppose DT, we may not be brothers, but we sure are cousins and no matter how much we dislike our relatives, we will not allow some perfect jerk to kick them in the crotch.

Any closer to power in America for DT will endanger us all, and the buyer’s remorse stampede of people who will seek to dance on his grave when he goes down is something not to get in the way of.

Steve L. Perry Oklahoma City

Nervous whispers

Cokie Roberts recently implied that Democrats are “nervously beginning to whisper” about replacing Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.

How about Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders taking her place? Signed, A lonely Democrat absolutely marooned in Oklahoma.

Frank Silovsky Oklahoma City

Other options

Many people I have spoken to over the past few months have told me this election is about “voting for the lesser of two evils.” When I reflect on that sentiment, it manifests into feelings of sadness and despair. Really? Is that all this election amounts to? We’re voting for the person we, individually, perceive as being the “lesser of two evils?”

Well, that’s really not the case. There is another option. If you’re like most people I talked to about this topic, you didn’t even know there would be another option on the ballot in every state come election day in November. This election is not about “voting for the lesser of two evils.” It is about voting for someone who you believe is honest, dependable and benevolent. There is nothing in those three descriptive words that even hints at evil.

That someone, that other option, are former governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. If Johnson can get into the looming presidential debates, many Americans will have the opportunity to reevaluate their assessment of this election.

Robert Lorrah Spencer

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