Letters to the Editor: September 30, 2015 

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Red light

Where do I start with Jeff Bezdek’s essay (Commentary, “A green light for public transit,” Sept. 16, Oklahoma Gazette)?

It is too late to talk about the rigidity of trolley lines compared to EMBARK, which can change routes. It is too late to talk about subsidizing the trolley to nowhere forever.

Let’s just talk about green lights. I understand the city has 18 timed automobile routes. He mentioned Classen Boulevard and Northwest Expressway. I know those are two of them. How is fuel saved by letting a trolley or bus sail through a green light while dozens or hundreds of cars sit idle, wasting gas? Why should Bus Rapid Transit System vehicles save on repairs while thousands of cars must stop? Bezdek talks like we already have the technology in place and it will cost nothing to turn it on. I guarantee it will have a price tag.

There are many good reasons to not have this amusement park ride at all, and disrupting 99 percent of the traffic is certainly at the top.

— John Harris

Oklahoma City


Thank you

Thanks for saying all the things I wanted to say about Planned Parenthood, with the statistics to prove your points (Commentary, “The truth about Planned Parenthood,” Jennifer Chancellor, Aug. 26, Gazette). Good job.

— Jody Harlan

Oklahoma City


Moral protection

Mr. Batchelder (Commentary, Letters, “Supreme authority,” Nathaniel Batchelder, Sept. 2, Gazette), you are correct in saying my “meager understanding” of the Constitution and its founders is not your twisted and perverted interpretation of their vision for a nation with basic human rights.

Our citizens and courts — more than ever — need a moral code to influence and protect us from cultural revolutions and suicide. The Ten Commandments is that moral code that our wise founders recognized.

It is not a religion, but the basis for many religions, and a culture that has displayed more fair judgment and kindness in coexisting with aberrant and ungodly values.

You are correct and fortunate that these things have not been left to majority rule in the past, but we also have seen how the corrupted and weak elected representatives of our republic have violated established laws, the morality of the Ten Commandments and the will of the majority. By the time the majority of moral and reasonable people wake up to the destructive and enslaving consequences of our brave, new, ungodly, non-moral and immoral imaginary code, there will not be a majority of any one viewpoint left to change our culture back to the “American dream” or a God willing to help and protect us.

But we (Christians) pray for our country every day.

— Michael Moberly



Whither women?

I read your article about singles this week (Life, “(Un)complicated,” Sept. 9, Gazette). One thing I (and other men) need to know is where single women go to meet men!

I tried the websites; they don’t work. Also libraries, health food stores, gyms and have even taken up ballroom dancing.

How about you ask them and publish the results? I would really like to know.

— Randall Myster

Oklahoma City

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