Letters to the Editor: September 6, 2017 


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I am 67 years old. I live alone, and I work at home. There have been many days when I did not leave my house, many on which I did not talk to any other human being (other than Lucy, who is actually a cat).

I’ve been living alone for a long time and had come to prefer that lifestyle. But that all changed on April 14, when I made a radical decision to join the new City of OKC-sponsored Wellness Center on North Rockwell. That decision changed my life.

I went to my first Tai Chi class there three days later. What a great experience that was! We have an excellent young instructor named Corey. He is very patient with us old geezers and geezettes. I’m sure we must have looked ridiculous for the first few weeks, but we’re looking pretty good these days.

On May 3, I attended my first chair yoga class. The course is designed for people who might have trouble getting down on the floor (or, more accurately, getting back up). Using variations of traditional yoga poses, we get lots of great stretches, increasing our strength and flexibility. Dee Ann is the instructor for this class, and she is superb — a great teacher and motivator.

Dee Ann also teaches traditional yoga, which I started in August. I could go on about how great that class is, but I won’t belabor the point. I added a second yoga class shortly after that. The teacher for this class is Monica, and she is also extraordinary.

I am currently going to the Wellness Center six days a week, averaging two classes per day. As a result of the classes I’m taking, I am stronger, more flexible and more coordinated. I have better balance, and I feel better than I have in years.

There’s a lot going on besides the classes I mentioned. There’s a gym, a weight room, a swimming pool, arts and crafts classes, cooking classes and much more. The first-rate faculty, staff, volunteers and the members are all just so happy to be there. It’s a great environment and great place to meet people and make new friends.

With the opening of this wellness center (the first of four), the City of OKC has made a brilliant investment in our community. The returns on that investment may not be easy to measure, but they are very real. I’m just one example. There are about 4,000 more examples on North Rockwell, and there will be thousands more as the other centers are completed and opened.

Thanks to Oklahoma City for providing this life-changing opportunity.

Rusty Muns Oklahoma City

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