Keep in mind that this is Oklahoma, smack dab
in the middle of the Bible Belt, flyover hicksville where we are all
inbred and stupid compared to the left coast because we generally don’t
accept liberal socialist ideals.

So our young folks even here are falling for what has historically failed every time, including this recent venture.

people, please read this. What you are witnessing is the product of
socialism and is an utter disaster. The minute you think and act like
you don’t have control over your own destiny will be the moment when you
have given someone else authority over your life. That will be the
moment when you will relinquish your opportunity to be truly happy, to
see your full potential, to be what you really want to be regardless how
much money you make or what your social status becomes. Socialists are
not happy people. Use your head. You can figure it out. Please, every
parent have your child read this; it’s their future happiness we’re
talking about here.

— Doug Rixmann

There is insurance help
A few weeks ago, I read a story in your paper about two Oklahoma women who needed insurance and could not afford it (Oct. 9, Gazette, “Stuck in the middle”).

At the time, I felt it was more of an insult to Gov. Fallin than a story about the two women. But my heart went out to those ladies and to anyone else who might not be able to afford insurance.

There is a new site called Healthcare Sherpa. At that site, you can check the price of the insurance plans available in your area. I looked at the plans and found I was low-income and could receive the bronze plan for free.

In the best interest of those women and all Oklahomans, you might want to make everyone aware of that site.

— Carol Dyas

The best-written plans

The OKC school board says that cursive handwriting will not be part of elementary school curriculum. I felt a strong sense of loss when I heard this news.

Sadly, cursive handwriting is a dying form of communication. What is most tragic is that in cursive writing, there is total individuality. No two people have the same exact handwriting. Handwriting also uniquely reflects the mood and character of the writer. Because of this, there is an unvarnished truth found in a handwritten phrase.

If this form of communication is lost, something noble that connects us to our earliest ancestors who wrote symbols on caves will be lost. As to the educational impact, just as looking up the definition of a word in an actual dictionary is more effective for memory retention than looking it up on the Web, so too, handwriting notes actually helps imprint the information on the brain more effectively than typing.

Lastly, what person would prefer to receive cards and letters from loved ones with never a handwritten message or signature? The love that is put into taking the time to write is as important as the

card itself.

— Leslie A. Perkel
Oklahoma City

Correction: U.S. Senator Tom Coburn was incorrectly identified in the Nov. 20 issue of Oklahoma Gazette’s Chicken Fried News. We apologize for the error.

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