A few years ago, there were two bands in the parade (one from Langston University), and it just created excitement. Perhaps you could get high school bands and not charge them to enter the parade. If you can’t do a whole band, maybe a drum line?

— Julie Woof
Oklahoma City

Party foul
Now that the party that gave us two wars while cutting taxes has discovered fiscal responsibility, one wonders if their constitutional investigations will lead them to discover the general welfare clause therein. The founding fathers considered it to rank just behind the national defense in their ranking of reasons to have a Constitution.

Since they consider Obamacare to be such a bad idea, perhaps they can come up with a more comprehensive, simpler plan and figure out what we can do to afford it. Putting an excise tax on the comfort foods we turn to in moments of stress and boredom would seem to attack our national health problems from both ends. That is probably enough to ensure it won’t be considered.

— Clinton Wiles
Oklahoma City

Things that make you go “hmm ...”

There are 3.5 billion swinging dicks on our planet. How much faster would civilization advance if each of their proud owners were to focus on each other and an end to wars, poverty, disease, senseless violence and the abuse of women and children — forever?

— David Oliver
Oklahoma City

Sidewalk talk

I have been reading in the Gazette (“MAPS threat lingers,” News, Sept. 11) and previous publications about sidewalks the OKC’s MAPS plan is going to put down, costing millions of dollars, which, on the surface, sounds like a good plan, but there may be some early and perpetual problems, beginning with maintenance.

Visit Lake Hefner and look at the old and deteriorated rock-wall side; it is the site of the final resting place of a longforsaken sidewalk. A bit over three miles long, it is an example of things gone wrong. In the first place, this sidewalk is not level. It was poured that way, and for this reason alone, it is miserable to walk on or do anything more than standing and holding a fishing pole.

Ancient attempts to maintain this sidewalk have obviously failed. Part of it has been covered with asphalt, and this has deteriorated. In addition, weeds and grasses continually grow in cracks in the concrete, which cause additional damage, and the city does nothing. But it is too late anyhow.

In the city’s new sidewalk plans, there needs to be consideration pertaining to maintenance and its future costs. The weeds and grasses will have to be contained to deter damage to the new sidewalks, and the sidewalks need to be poured properly; that is, how they are laid, which is usually with a slant intended for prompt drainage. But almost always, the slant is far too much — a mistake made by persons who do not take into consideration that only a small and unnoticeable slant is needed for gravity to shed the water. When these sidewalks are slanted too much, the results are poor walkways, and people will walk on the streets instead.

— Merle D. Wright
Oklahoma City

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