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Liberal ploys

Not surprisingly, Robin Meyers (Commentary, “Loving our guns to death, Dec. 19, 2012, Oklahoma Gazette) is utilizing the liberal ploy of “not letting a crisis go to waste,” with regard to the tragic shootings in Connecticut.

He and the rest of the liberal community overlook the fact that states and cities with the most stringent gun control experience much higher crime rates involving guns, especially Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

And, of course, Meyers spews forth racist rhetoric blaming disturbed or despondent white males for committing mass murder. He conveniently ignores that the majority of drive-by shootings and murders are committed by blacks in black areas of town, utilizing stolen guns.

While the liberals want to pass laws preventing assault-style weapons, they have done their best to cover up the “Fast and Furious” fiasco whereby our government allowed hundreds of assault weapons to be taken into Mexico. These weapons are responsible for hundreds of murders, including two of our border agents.

Meyers should be reminded that two of the largest mass murders committed in the U.S. utilized fertilizer and diesel fuel, and box cutters and commercial airliners. Internationally, Jim Jones poisoned 914 of his followers in a murder-suicide exercise. And, of course, Hitler has the all-time record of murdering 6 million Jews via gas chambers and crematories.

If someone wanted to do so, they could take an 18-wheeler and ram the side of a school bus, or school, or a group of students on a field trip. Or they could pour gasoline on all of the school exits and set it on fire.

My mother worked at the El Reno federal prison for years as the librarian and overheard many chilling conversations. The one that really got her attention involved two inmates discussing what they would have to charge to kill someone. They settled on $5, but in retrospect, one said, “Of course, if they were a friend of mine, I would have to charge $10.” Just how is the anti-gun lobby going to deal with this type of mentality?

Perhaps bringing religion back into the schools and fathers back into the family — along with not making life cheap via abortions, or not just giving old people a pill if they have outlived their usefulness, as Obama has suggested — would be a good start.

—Mickey McVay Edmond

Guns and cars

I understand that some Oklahomans love their guns and parting with them is akin to parting with their left leg. Yet comparing guns to automobiles, as Mike Brake did in the Jan. 9 Oklahoma Gazette (Letters, “Wrong target”) is simply not fair. Automobiles are manufactured to transport people from point A to point B. They are not manufactured for the sole purpose of killing something; guns are.

Also, one could live in Oklahoma his or her entire life, sans weapons, and be perfectly comfortable and happy. However, due to the lack of public transportation in many parts of this state, not having a car would decrease one’s cheerful quotient significantly.

In addition, people are not asking others to give up all guns, just the assault rifles and weapons of that ilk.

So, yes, we all need to compromise.

This is not an all-or-nothing issue. I was under the impression the Declaration of Independence said something about the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. How can you be happy knowing that the person next door owns enough firepower to wipe out your entire neighborhood using one clip of an assault weapon?

—Lissa Wohltmann Edmond

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