Liquor store owner needs some cheese with his ‘whine’ 

After reading the Point/Counterpoint Commentary in the Jan. 19 issue, I felt it necessary to write down some thoughts.

I must agree with Roy Williams (“Point: Revise outmoded liquor laws”) that discussions about such hot-button topics as expanding the sale of wine and beer into grocery stores are healthy to a free-market economy and should always be welcomed. Now let me tell you a little secret: I am originally from another state where the grocery stores not only had fully stocked liquor aisles and full-point beer in the cooler (OMG! Blasphemy!), but you could buy it 24 hours a day and on Sunday as well.

Here’s the thing: In my home state, we had plenty of liquor stores. There was no shortage. So the notion that having grocery stores sell wine and beer will put the liquor stores out of business is simply absurd.

Would Bill Bishop (“Counterpoint: Paying the price”) like a little cheese with his whine? I have visited many states in our great nation and seen many different ways of doing things, but what I see in Oklahoma is people acting like everything outside the borders of this state is a foreign country and if we do something differently we’re going to lose our identity.

Wake up, people! There’s a reason our schools are at the bottom of the national pile. There’s a reason our roads are the worst in the nation, and there’s a reason we’re still debating something as completely laughable as whether to sell wine and beer in grocery stores.

Oklahomans are too caught up in trying to keep things the way they are, so they keep electing public officials who don’t plan on changing anything. It’s time to grow up and stop letting a few people control everything we do. Let’s become a truly great state like so many others have done and grow up.

—R. Cass

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