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Lizzie: the rock musical

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Southern Plains Productions is thrilled to present "Lizzie: the rock musical," live at the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City, August 18-19, 2022. Don't miss the rock-musical event of the summer!
Lizzie (liz-ee): Noun. 1) Lizzie Borden—the American woman tried and acquitted for the axe murders of her father and step-mother in Massachusetts in 1892. 2) Four powerful females fronting a six-piece rock band to sing of betrayal and rage and feminine liberation. 3) A mind-blowing theatrical performance the New York Times called “deliciously watchable.” 4) The chain-smoking, motorcycle-riding, daredevil, kicked-off-the-cheerleading-squad-for-fighting-on-the-first-day-of-school third cousin to the rock opera, which musical theatre has disowned, perhaps for the fact that, as the bleeding edge of modern theatre, Lizzie makes its own rules. Don’t miss the rock-musical event of the summer!

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  • Tower Theatre

    425 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City Oklahoma City


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